The Honor Code

We believe in academic integrity and high standards. That's why our Honor Code is a symbol of what we stand for - it communicates the expectations that people have when working with us.

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The Honor Code of will not tolerate any form of academic dishonesty, so we make sure that all students are submitting their work honestly-we don't help them cheat!

The Writing Experts at Do Not Take Tests & Exams for a Student

We're committed to providing a plagiarism-free and transparent experience for all of our users. If an expert is found guilty in any way, they'll be removed from the team immediately.

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We Never Tolerate


Violation of the academic code by asking for unapproved external help for any assignment is not allowed.


Plagiarism is the act of taking someone else's work and passing it off as your own. This can be done without giving them credit.


Falsifying one's identity to be another student or taking on their credentials for any reason. It can land you in big trouble.



We are a company that believes in integrity. We never support dishonest or illegal activity, and we will never help our users do anything dishonest or illegal. If an expert is found to be involved in illegal activity will have their access immediately removed from our platform.

A Note to Students

We know the difficulties of balancing school with a full course load, especially when you're under such time constraints.

  • We at are strictly against all forms of cheating, which is why our services can not be employed for illegal purposes, specifically to violate institutional policies.
  • We are committed to upholding the highest academic standards. This means that any material provided by us should not be passed to others as your own.

A Note to Business is an essay writing service that provides help with written academic work done by experts in your field and it's discouraged to break company policies on the platform because this can result in termination or legal action against you.

  • should not be used for any illegal activity and we will take appropriate action against those who do so.
  • Business representatives must not use the writing experts at the our platform to do anything illegal.

A Note to Teachers & Schools

We appreciate all your hard work in our academic community. We support students in their quest, to be honest, and learn effectively by encouraging them to communicate openly with each other about what they are learning.

Scholars and people associated with academic institutions are encouraged to report any dishonesty, cheating, or violation of academic integrity they observe.

A Note to the Writing Experts

At, we provide a platform for professionals to share their skills and experience by creating high-quality content that is both interesting and informative.

The following are guidelines for our writing experts:

  • In order to maintain the highest level of academic integrity, it is essential that all writers follow institutional policies and corporate codes of conduct.
  • Cheating is a serious offense. Our writing experts should not assist the students in any way that would be cheating or fraud-related!

List of Restricted Task Requests at

There are some important rules on our platform that you should know. This is not a complete list, so please read the terms of service for more information. Clients

Users who break the Honor Code may find themselves banned from using our ‘write my essay’ services. These restricted tasks include.

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  • Making fake financial reports.
  • Creating a resume with false job experience.
  • Creation of official documents.
  • Impersonating someone's identity is a crime.
  • Presenting someone else's work as your own.
  • Ghostwriting of research work can include term papers, thesis, and dissertation.
  • Falsifying academic data, or any other material that violates academic and corporate policies.

Did You See Anything That Might Violate The Honor Code?

If you have a complaint, please submit it to us and we will take care of it as soon as possible!

Report Violation of the Honor Code

We believe that when you need academic help, the expert should provide high-quality service and their assistance should be ethical. If someone has provided unethical assistance please report it.