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Both in the academic writing career as well as experience in school, you will be asked to write numerous types of essays. One of the best ways to kick start your academic writing is to work on an analytical essay. It is a type of essay in which you are required to analyze writing on how it is written and what is the purpose of the writing. There are various aspects that you can analyze for this type of essay. But with much to analyze and conclude, most of the students lose track of their research and writing process. For this reason, one of the most important things for an analytical essay is to compose an outline for it. Here is the complete sketch for the outline of an analytical essay that a custom essay writer can use for any topic. Each part is broken down so get a clear picture.

  1. 1. Introduction

    The first part is the introduction like any other type of essay. You can never overestimate the significance of a good introduction. Its purpose is to educate readers about the topic as well as grab their attention. So, note down how you will introduce your topic. It has three parts described as follows:

    1. a. Hook

      The first sentence of the introductory paragraph is known as hook and is used to catch the attention of the reader immediately. It can be an anecdote or a sarcastic statement which the reader can relate to. You can also introduce a controversy here to stir up the ideas.

    2. b. Thesis

      The thesis statement must be written very carefully as it summarizes the whole purpose of the essay into a single line. Spend a little time in composing this thesis statement and perfecting it. You can compose an impressive statement answering the question of what is your purpose of writing this essay.

    3. c. Support

      Include the supporting statement after the thesis in a much concise manner. This will show you are going to back up your analysis.

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  2. 2. Body Paragraph

    Now comes the most significant part of the essay: the body of the essay. In the body paragraphs, you will include all the details as well as the supporting evidence for your claims. Make a number of paragraphs based on the content you have and the word count you are assigned. The body of the essay is further divided into four parts discussed as follows:

    1. a. Claim

      You must be familiar with the concept of topic sentences. You must include your claim as the topic sentence of the body paragraph(s). In your analytical essay outline for every claim, make a new paragraph.

    2. b. Evidence

      You should not only make claims but prove them as well. Conduct research on the topic and gather the evidence.

    3. c. Connection

      Ensure to build a connection between your claim and your evidence.

    4. d. Transition

      When moving on to the next claim, include a logical transition. You can use this literary device either at the end of the first claim or the start of the other.

  3. 3. Conclusion

    Your conclusion should serve as the last punch of the essay. This is to ensure that the reader has understood your claims. Leave a powerful impression through it.

    1. a. Summarize

      Include all the main points of the essay and claims that you have made briefly. Do not state any new claim in this part. In the outline, just state the points which you discussed in the body.

    2. b. Restate thesis statement

      Lastly, restate your thesis statement in a way that it is reminded to the reader after discussing and proving your claims.

Now, you have to relate your topic with this general outline for your essay. Once you have followed this scheme and compiled your outline based on your topic, the research process will become much easier and the writing process will become much smoother.

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