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Writing a proposal can be difficult especially if you do not know the techniques or proper guidelines. Whether you are in high school, college, or a university your professors expect you to write an extra-ordinary proposal. During different academic periods, the nature of the proposal may change but techniques to follow remain the same.

You may have studied different methods of research and writing styles in research methodology. But to apply all those principles in an actual form is a different thing altogether. One thing is important to remember: you should write a thesis proposal in present or future tense. But when you will develop an actual thesis, you will use the past tense.

If an essay writer follows the below-mentioned steps; I am sure writing a proposal would be a piece of cake for you too. Or you can ask professionals to write my paper for me.

Step 1: Introduction

It is the first paragraph of your proposal in which you would get the reader's attention. You can also write your introduction after writing your proposal. Though it is not necessary, it is an effective way to write a compelling introduction. In this paragraph briefly discuss important concepts that you have discussed in your proposal.

Step 2: Statement of the problem

Identify the gap in previously researched work and write that in this section. Mention the gaps and tell your reader how you would fill it. You can simply narrate the problem with a possible solution.

Step 3: Purpose of research

Write the purpose or objective of your dissertation and include them in your proposal. You can also include it in the introduction or write it as a separate section. Remember to mention what is your original contribution to the research and how it is different from previous research. Try to summarize every important concept with rationality.

Step 4: Background information

This section would focus on where the problem emerged and why it is important to study and find a remedy. For this purpose, you have to do substantiate research by reading multiple books and journal articles. In this way, you would have a broader understanding of the topic with a suitable solution.

Step 5: Significance of the study

You can make your research proposal relevant and important by highlighting its significance. Tell your reader, why your research is innovative and how he can benefit from it. For example, if you are essay writing online about any global issue like terrorism you can state that this proposal presents effective measures to control terrorism.

Step 6: Research design and methods

You can also call it a research methodology used for collecting data. Follow an approach which describes practical steps and approach of your proposal. You can use qualitative or quantitative research methods or both at once. Mention your research design like experimental, correlational, or description with main focus on primary and secondary sources.

Step 7: A literature review

Your proposal must include all sources from where you collect data. Such a process is also known as a literature review. Sources can be scholarly articles and books, it would help you to state your position clearly.

Step 8: Formulate a hypothesis

Your hypothesis should be clear and understandable because the whole proposal depends on it. At the end of your research, you can prove or negate your hypothesis. Do not get nervous from all the technical details, because you can also hire a professional writer to test or work on your hypothesis. There is a legit academic but cheapest essay writing service that you can collaborate with on your thesis.

Step 9: Scope and limitation

Write down issues that you faced during your research and mention points like how much it was difficult to find data. You can also devise a plan for future researchers who want to research the same topic. Limitations also narrow the scope of your research’s generalizability.

Step 10: Proofreading and revision

You must revise your proposal at least once so that you can pick any grammar or typo mistakes. A perfectly written proposal would enable you to get good grades.

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