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Whether it is written or verbal, storytelling is an art that only a few can master. Narrative essays are also a form of storytelling where the essay writer engages its audience in a compelling story. Through the use of expressive, descriptive, and compelling language, the writer takes its readers on a virtual journey where every turn and twist of the essay can be experienced by the readers.

Narrative essays are different from other forms of essay where you do not present factual or logical content. Instead, a narrative essay is more of a story that a writer communicates to its readers. In writing narrative essays, the writer channels his or her creativity and imagination in producing compelling content. Through narrative essays, the writer not only communicates the purpose but also a different perspective on its audience.

Writing narrative essays is not an easy task. A lot of thinking, preparation, and practice goes into it to create a compelling essay.

  1. 1. The first step to writing narrative essays is understanding the purpose behind it; whether it is to entertain, motivate, inspire, and so on.
  2. 2. The next is to realize your audience and their competency level
  3. 3. The third step is to choose relevant vocabulary for your target audi>ence
  4. 4. The fourth step to writing a compelling essay is to sequence your ideas; from broad to narrow
  5. 5. The final step is to start writing by engaging your ideas using descriptive language

However, this is not all that needs to be learned to master the art of writing narrative essays. It requires a lot more critical skills and understanding. Following are some of the guidelines practicing which you can master the art of writing narrative essays.

  1. 1) Engage All the Components of Your Essay

    Keeping a correct and coherent vocabulary is a necessary part of writing a good essay. Along with maintaining accurate grammar, you also have to make sure that you maintain the fluency and readability of your essay. For example, in narrative essays where sometimes multiple characters or aspects of an event are involved, it is easy to overlook some. This can compromise the quality of your content.

  2. 2) Manage Your Time Effectively

    Keep a balance between planning and writing your essays. If you spend too much on planning, you will have little time to write. Unplanned writing can compromise the quality of your essay. When I write essay for me I make sure that 20% of my time is invested in planning whereas the rest goes to actual writing. Always plan structure, and write your essay to maximize your focus and engagement on the task at hand.

  3. 3) Avoid the Use of Second Person Narrative

    The second-person narrative involves the use of pronouns like “you” and “your” which can add an authoritative element to your essay. It is better to use the first-person pronoun “I”, “We” and “Us” which makes the essay more subjective and personal to the writer. It is as if you are telling a story to the reader which would maintain their interest.

  4. 4) Do Not Be Overly Descriptive

    In writing a narrative essay, one can easily slip into excessive descriptive and pastoral language which can make the essay lengthy and boring. Add a powerful description to create an element of suspense and surprise to your essay but avoid overdoing it. Elaboration and excessive use of descriptive language make your content redundant and boring.

  5. 5) Use Diverse Vocabulary

    Narrative essays are all about mastering the art of language to sketch a story. Excessive repetition of similar words and vocabulary can kill the essence of your essay. You need to keep your content crisp and dynamic with the use of catchy idioms, phrases, and slang in your content. Make sure you are placing your words where they need them.

  6. 6) Keep Your Characters Realistic

    Since narrative writing mostly involves narrating real-life events or some personal stories, keeping your character is important. Avoid character descriptions or actions that seem exaggerated or unrealistic. For example, when I write my paper I make sure to highlight the flaws of my characters. Showing a realistic representation of your content makes it more credible and appealing.

    Always end with a banger. Leave your audience with some points to ponder. And there you go with an excellent narrative essay. We hope this guide was helpful and you must have learned some useful tips and tricks to help you master the art of narrative essays. Still confused? Consult a paper writing service now. Happy writing.

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