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A cause and effect essay elaborates on the outcomes of a certain event. It is a rhetorical discussion that highlights the reasons for a result of some specific event. Cause and effect essays are often named as reason and result in the discussion because it first discovers the reasons behind the occurrence of an event and then discusses the outcomes. It is the most common type of essay written for academic purposes. Sometimes the whole essay discusses the causes and effects of an event, while sometimes these causes and effects are a part of a big essay.

The use of complex reasoning for the cause and effect essay adds value to it because sometimes it is not possible to state a single and simple cause of an event, so stating more than one reason which is somehow related to the effect is recommended. This strategy also helps in formulating the thesis statement for the cause and effect essay or you can ask others to write my paper.

Main sections of the essay


Cause and effect always open with a general and simple introductory paragraph. The introduction also serves as the background information on the main thesis statement. The thesis statement comes at the end of the introduction which contains one or more than one cause and effect of a certain event. This statement must reflect all the main points discussed in the next sections of the essay. So it is recommended to write the thesis statement at the end or revise the statement after writing the whole essay to include every main point discussed in the essay.

Cause and effect essays can be written following one of the two ways; State the causes first and then discuss the effects or discuss the effects first and then discover the causes of a condition or an event. An essay writing service normally follows the first way, the first states the causes and then discusses the effects. Use of any of the two ways has no rule but the writer must explain each dimension of the causes and effects of an event. If a writer is discussing a complex event then it is necessary to explain the effects with the maximum number of evidence to make the claim more meaningful. Scientific researches, anecdotes, figures, or statistics can be used as evidence in these types of essays.

Body paragraphs

After the introduction, body paragraphs are written. A typical cause and effect essay contains three body paragraphs. Each paragraph must start with a topic sentence. The topic sentence is a summary of the whole paragraph. It gives the reader a highlight of what the writer is going to discuss in the paragraph. Each paragraph must contain a single cause or effect with detailed examples to explain the point. Since these paragraphs explain the relationship between two phenomena, it is recommended to use transitioning words like hence, thus, therefore, or consequently to show the link between two events.

Counter arguments

The next section is called the antithesis or counter-argument. This section discusses the opposing arguments; it argues how previous arguments are wrong with some evidence; it shows the main reason for choosing the topic for cause and effect essay. This paragraph is also a part of body paragraphs. This section of the section is usually not given much importance by the paper writing service due to its complexity. This section requires the writer to come up with the opposite idea with the evidence.

The conclusion

The last section is a conclusion that discusses the final result of the essay. Conclusions must start by restating the thesis statements. Restate all the main points discussed in the essay in different words and again relate these main points to the thesis statements. The writer should not introduce any new idea or point in these sections. The conclusion must be completely based on the previous points discussed before. Use of simple words without using complex ideas is recommended for this section.

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