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If you are taking any test that has a writing component either you are taking IELTS, TOEFL, any university entry test, or an assignment assigned by your professor you are at the right place.

You should learn some important techniques to improve your marks when it comes to writing in a test or an assignment. If you think you should find a good essay writer to help you with your exams and assignments, you may go on. But the below techniques may help you develop some extraordinary essays.

So, let’s get started!

1. Paraphrasing the question

We usually call the first sentences the hook, which grabs the reader's attention and they end up reading your essay till the end. But sometimes you have to be very careful while writing the first sentences/hook/topic sentence. Here is why you should be careful.

If you are an undergraduate or college student you are no longer given a simple two to a three-word topic. Rather your essay topic is a whole essay topic question composed of two to three sentences. In such cases, if you wonder how to make a topic sentence then stay calm. Because your answer is inside your topic question.

You simply have to rearrange the order of the topic question and use synonyms to make it a perfect topic sentence. Through this, you show your examiner your abilities to answer the questions in your words by using a different vocabulary, changing the sentence structure but keeping the meaning the same.

Do not use the same sentences, vocabulary, or sentence structure to answer an essay question. This shows you are just copy-pasting someone else's sentences.

2. Background information or supporting details

In every paragraph of the essay either introduction or body paragraphs, your topic sentence is followed by some supporting details. They may be some statistics or facts about your topic. For example, walking for 30 minutes raises your heartbeat and burns 100 calories of fats.

You can also use a definition or an exaggerated explanation of the topic to support your topic sentences instead of statistics. It might be a word or a term that you think your reader might not know or is important for your reader to know. With the help of a paper writing service, you will complete your assignment on time.

Background information might also include positive or negative opinions that you have about your topic. For example, many people are of the view that walking is the simplest way to maintain good health.

Writing some good supporting details will evoke the further interest of your interest.

3. Thesis statement

It is the most important part of your introductory paragraph. It contains your main idea about the topic plus the topic points that you will be discussing in the body paragraphs one by one.

The thesis statement answers the main question of your main topic and makes the answer more legitimate or strong by giving some reasons, examples, or evidence. You can simply ask someone to write my paper.

4. One central idea in one paragraph

A professional essay contains paragraphs that focus on one idea till the end. If the writer wants to talk about a new idea, it should be included in a separate paragraph.

You should avoid any abrupt knowledge or ideas in your paragraphs. You can understand this best by taking the example of a classification essay. In this type of essay, you will be focusing on one thing according to the classification you have done for your essay topic. For example, if your essay talks about types of computers, you will be talking about different types in each paragraph separately.

5. Cohesion and cohesiveness

Your whole essay should be interconnected through cohesive devices within the paragraphs and among the paragraphs.

Your text is interconnected by using transition words and phrases. Many times you may get poor grades for not being able to connect your ideas despite having a lot of content knowledge, and you may even think if there was someone to write my essay for me so that you can just get rid of it. But hold on, it is as simple as this.

You just have to connect ideas by using words and phrases like however, meanwhile, on the other hand, etc. Similarly, you can produce relationships among paragraphs by using words and phrases to show an intact and interconnected text.

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