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Do you want to get admission to your dream college without putting in the required effort? Of course, you do. Talented students are often ignored by college administration based on their below-par essay writing skills. If you aren't the best writer, you should hire online professionals who can write your college application essay and statement for you.

What are personal statements?

A college application is usually based on a particular question. To inform the college administration about who you are and what goals you plan on pursuing, you need to write a personal statement. You need to mention important skills and experiences that make you the best applicant among thousands of others. Include extra-curricular activities such as societies, sports, and debating, etc.

How to start your statement

You need to brainstorm for ideas regarding what to write in your draft. Start by listing down all the relevant data such as extra-curricular activities, important skills, languages that you know, and any professional experience you have. Open a blank word document and ask yourself what makes you unique? How can you impressively portray your life story without sounding cliché? Write down why you are interested in the college you are applying to and the specific program as well. You can also ask someone to write my paper.

Mistakes to avoid while writing your personal statements

1. Cliché beginning

As mentioned earlier, the more unique your statement is, the greater your chances of admission. Try to avoid cliché sentences such as “Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of being…". Instead, hook the audience (the college administration) at the very beginning. Do not start with famous quotes either because that has been done too many times.

2. No plagiarism

It is always wise to get help online but you don’t want to copy and paste even a single line from the internet. Be original and let your mind run free. If your plagiarism is detected, you can be disqualified forever so be very careful. If you are using an online essay writer to draft your statement, clearly state that no plagiarism is acceptable. Write the personal statement for your dream college yourself and take help for secondary colleges.

3. Don’t lie

Sometimes it feels like you haven’t done enough. In such cases, you need to describe your actual experience. Never add fraudulent experience in the slightest way. Exaggeration counts as lying too e.g., if you were the high school vice-captain, don’t lie and call yourself the captain.

4. Follow the guideline

Read the provided guideline for the requirements of the statement carefully and make notes. Follow the word count strictly and adhere to the mentioned format e.g., APA or MLA. If the guidelines state that you have to write only a particular set of comments in the statement, you must follow through.

5. English language mistakes

Once you are done with your paper, it is essential to re-check your paper. Analyze your final draft for errors in grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and vocabulary. Don’t be lazy and run the draft through online spelling software only. You have to personally read your statement multiple times and identify errors.

By strictly avoiding these 5 mistakes, you will be able to write the perfect statement. If you still find it difficult to avoid these mistakes, it is recommended that you seek writing help. Search for the best essay writing websites and ask them to “write my essay for me”. Try opting for those websites which seem credible, even if they are asking for a higher sum of money.


Personal statements are a crucial part of your college admission. The college administration thoroughly reads it to get to know your personality. You must give them the best possible impression to get admission. It is wise to consult a paper writing service if you believe your writing skills are not up to the mark

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