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Indeed, most of the time writing an essay is a tiring task and needs time to think and collect data on your required topic. That is why academics often stress that you always chose the topic of your interest; otherwise, you would end up losing interest altogether.

Writing a narrative essay is usually not that difficult because in this type you have to narrate your own experiences. A personal narrative essay is a perfect opportunity for an essay writer to express his feelings and emotions about a particular object or person. It can be a love story, your favorite journey, the best experience, or your biggest goal in life. But, if you do not know the techniques or methods then writing such an essay can be tricky too.

Developing a personal narrative, you may find yourself lost among ideas without writing a single word. For a student it is a complex situation to deal with as your ideas must be organized within an essay; your essay should be effective so that readers can draw inspiration. Here, I am writing down seven simple steps for writing a good essay. I am sure these would be helpful if you want to write a decent enough essay

Seven simple to write an essay

Step 1: A memorable moment

For a personal essay come up with a memorable event of your life. Make sure that the event must reflect your personality and you can narrate your personality via your essay. The topic can be related to an experience which you learned, your vacations, or a funny incident of your life.

Step 2: Plan your narration

After selecting your moment sit in silence and try to brainstorm every detail about that event. It would only take a few minutes and you would be able to write a few pointers about it. Try to remember something that you laughed about or made you sad, and write every detail in the chronological pattern.

Step 3: Tell your feelings instead of showing them

Your essay should express your personality to the reader so make sure that your essay is without any story flaw. Use your imagination of what you felt about that event and describe it on paper to make sure that it must include what you heard, and smelled.

Step 4: Elements to include

Your essay should develop a link with the reader so make sure you include all the necessary details in it. Develop some interesting characters linked with the event and write your story in the past tense. Make sure that your vocabulary should be understandable. You can also use different expressions of surprise, anger, or happiness to entertain the reader.

Step 5: Focus on the main point

Though your event doesn't need to have a moral ending but make sure to mention what you learned from it. The event can be your main point around which your whole essay would revolve. For example, if you experienced that event in your summer vacations then it will be your main point.

Step 6: Essay parts

Your essay should be divided into three main parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. At the end of your introduction you should include a thesis statement; because no essay is complete without this statement. It is a standard format and you can also use it for your essay. Your main part would be the body where you would narrate all the incidents.

Step 7: Revise

Once you are done with your essay make sure that you must proofread your work and revise it for once. There is a slight chance that you must have left some typos. It's a good idea to get professional help from an essay writing service to proofread your work and not leave any chance for your professor.

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