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If you stare at your computer screen for long, the computer screen will stare back at you and wonder why aren’t you motivated enough to start that essay?

4 long hours have passed.

Is it still a blank page?

If you are struggling to start that long-pending essay, keep reading to get answers about what is stopping you.

This article may have a solution for you.

To draw the attention of your audience instantly, the only thing that you need is to write an amazing introduction. This is a very crucial step and most of the students keep on procrastinating while their mind revolves around only one question: how to start an essay. If the audience is clear about the topic of an essay and gets a lucid view of the writer’s opinion from the introduction, then it is a win-win situation for both the essay writer and the readers.

First, keep in mind that the main purpose of any academic writing essay, in particular, is to inform readers about new topics that challenge their thought processes. Therefore, writing a winning opening section is a very important process as it engages the readers when they take the first glimpse of the essay. In this regard, important steps need to be taken care of, so that readers find an instant connection with the essay.

Before starting an essay, the first thing that students need to do is assess the demographics of their readers. That way, they will be able to know about the current orientation of the readers and their potential state of mind while they are reading the essay. Students should be able to know what the readers like and dislike, what are the topics that might appear contentious to the readers, which topics are hot and up for debate, and so on.

Here are some winning tips which you can adopt and practice to start off your essay in a ground-breaking manner.

  • Evaluate your options about the topic. The topic about which you can think and write about the most should be your top priority.
  • Determine the key purpose of your essay. Students make a mistake while assessing if they are analyzing a matter of subject, persuading their audience, explaining a phenomenon, or simply shedding light on the causes behind something. When students exactly know what they have to do, things get easier!
  • Create a detailed outline and pay special emphasis on the introduction of the essay.

    That was all about pre-launching the essay. Now let’s see how to kick-start an amazing essay.

  • Open the introduction with a hook or some attention grabber. You won’t believe it, but readers love it when they find something relatable on the web.
  • Gently lead the readers to your thesis statement or the main premise of your essay. Remember, no complicated ideas have to be inserted at the start of any essay. It’s a big turn-off!
  • There is always an option to start off the essay with a powerful quote. Still, there are a few things that need to be taken care of in this scenario,
    • The quote should fit the thesis statement of the essay
    • The quote should fit the tone and writing style of the essay
    • The quote should not be a cliché
  • he introduction should be specific, direct, and clear.
  • If there is a persuasive essay to be written, use shocking facts or interesting statistics that change the opinion of the audience towards the topic beforehand.
  • If there is an argumentative essay to be written, you can establish a clear relationship between what is actually the reality and what can be a fantasized solution if your perspective of the argument wins.

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