Why is it Important to Hand in a Non-Plagiarized Essay?

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Have you ever heard about students getting penalized for a plagiarized work? Of course, yes! Because it is very common. Let’s define first what really is plagiarized work. Basically plagiarism is stealing other’s work and passing in a way that it’s your own.

Plagiarism undoubtedly is a serious crime. Students can even get an F on their research because of it, but tell you what? Plagiarized work also affects your personal reputation outside an educational institution. But penalties vary in each situation. However, a non-plagiarized essay is appreciated everywhere and would earn you good grades. Since you value your self-esteem, and social integrity you will definitely avoid such acts. That’s why it is very essential to cite your sources and also know how to integrate valid quotations respectively.

Why Do People Plagiarize?

Many cases are because of ignorance, negligence, and also lack of confidence in oneself.

  • Working at the eleventh hour
  • Lack of confidence in own abilities
  • Less understanding about what can generate plagiarism
  • Careless brainstorming
  • Copying the exact ideas from some other source
  • Creating a bibliography, but avoiding in-text citations


This is the most essential step where people are also unaware that they are copying another’s work. Try to explain the idea of another person in an adequate manner. However, an inadequate paraphrasing is where an essay writer leaves many of the original words as they are in raw form by changing the wordings, but not the actual concept.

Universal facts citation

You don’t need to cite the universal truths. Like;

  • Recognized dates
  • Common facts
  • Historical events
  • Maxims and proverbs

Sometimes you are not familiar with some universal facts as well. For that, just cross-check in case multiple sources share the same pieces of information without citations. For example, you don’t need to cite that a spider has eight legs.

Plagiarism Checker Tools

  • Well, many organizations use Turnitin. It is not only used for plagiarism checks, but also for the improved marking of the students and also providing appropriate feedback.
  • Or in case you don’t own Turnitin, then you can freely access online services that can check or correct plagiarism on your behalf. Feel free to access ‘write my essay’ services who offer professional packages to check your essay plagiarism and make amendments accordingly. You can also order a completely unique essay online that can make your life easier.

How To Deal With Student’s Excuses?

  • Teachers might be frustrated to deal with the excuses of their students. At the beginning of each assignment, teachers must have explained the principle of dos and don’ts. So here the teacher has already spelled out clearly, and if a student claims the reason as ‘ignorance’, he is unable to win the argument!
  • Similarly, every rule and regulation has been known by the instructor as well. So if a student plagiarizes some work, but the overall work is admirable then the instructor should act mature and assign a smaller penalty rather than assigning the one an ‘F’
  • The instructor must also have the shreds of evidence to prove the plagiarism of their student. For instance, if it's the URL or phrases, then the one keeps a photocopy and discusses it with the student on returning.
  • It is also the duty of the teacher to assign the task that is hard to copy-paste. If the teacher is assigning such a topic which the student can easily access on the internet, then the instructor is to be blamed partly as well.

Why is the culture of plagiarism rising?

This is because the students are not taught appropriately about how to implement research skills. Besides, the culture of googling is rising. People are more dependent on googling rather than using their own brains to develop an idea. Others are simply looking for shortcuts. In such a case, it's better to hire a professional to craft you a unique paper instead of plagiarising your content off the internet.

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