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Introduction in your dissertation is a very important part; if it is good, then your ideas would flow smoothly. You will be able to incorporate all ideas in your dissertation one after another as mentioned in the introduction. That is why you should study extensively about your topic and try to cover it from every perspective; only then your introduction would be compelling.

If your introduction is not good enough then you might have to rewrite your thesis from scratch. Save yourself from the hassle and find some thesis introduction examples from essay writing online companies. They would not only help you to write a good introduction but you would also be able to write a good dissertation. Do not think it as an easy job because, in reality, a poorly written introduction can create significant problems later on. Along with the length of the introduction, you have to take care of other important issues as well.

In this guide, I would highlight some pointers. By following those, an essay writer can write a very good introduction to his dissertation.

An effective introduction includes:

Establish intellectual territory

A good introduction means it should include the significance of the topic with proper background information. Make sure that you are concise and precise so that you can incorporate maximum ideas in it. In this way, your reader would be able to have a basic idea about your research and context.

Justify your niche

It means you should mention the gap in previous research. Of course, there would be other scholars too who have written on the respective topic. Mention which areas they missed and how your dissertation has covered it. You can also mention the direction of your research and how you covered it.

Significance of your research

In these lines, you can also describe how you conducted your research and remember that it should not take more than a few sentences. Discuss the value of your research by highlighting the central argument and proper structure. Make sure that the introduction includes the original contribution to the research.

Structure of the introduction

Remember that proper format is the key to whether you are writing a full dissertation or introduction. By following the below format you can write a very good introduction. Or you can ask a cheapest essay writing service to help you out.

  • The first few lines should include findings, objectives, contributions, research questions, and thesis aim.
  • Define your thesis in more detail with a brief overview of the topic. You can also discuss the literature review in this part if you have not made a separate chapter for it.
  • Critically evaluate your literature review and identify the gap which you would cover.
  • Highlight the scope and significance of the topic.
  • Make sure that your research is unique and you are contributing something new. Also, state how it would change the respective field or discoveries about the topic.
  • Make sure that you have mentioned your ontological and epistemological position.
  • Identify your position in the introduction by clearly stating the problem and research questions.
  • If you are using any hypothesis then you should also mention it with important concepts and variables.
  • Your methodology is important so highlight which method of research you used like primary, secondary, or both.
  • Discuss your main findings at the end of your introduction with your thesis layout.

Word limit of your introduction

If you are writing a Ph.D. dissertation then the total word limit is 80,000 to 100,000. Your introduction would be 10% of your total dissertation like 8,000 to 10,000 words. Remember that you would cover the aforementioned steps within this word limit otherwise it would become too long for you to manage.

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