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Usually giving a speech is considered to be an easy job. An essay writer goes up to the stage, say a few heartfelt words, and walks down. Easy!

But this is not the case with all speeches.

Nope! There are speeches where you need to prepare beforehand. Like a commemorative speech. This type of speech is written to appreciate someone else. Usually, someone who has passed away.

Now, this is a sensitive subject that needs a lot of care so preparation is important.

Lucky for you, I have prepared exactly what you need to include in such a speech.

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Tip #1: State the Significance

At the very beginning of your speech, you need to explain how your topic is significant to your audience.

Since this speech commemorates a person, take the time to talk about them. Share a little tidbit about them or quote something they said. Make it interesting.

The speech can also include a particular event with the person this speech is written for.

Tip #2: Explain Your Reason

Explain the “why” in your speech. Your audience will be wondering why exactly you are paying tribute to this person. What makes them so special in your eyes?

So, make sure that you clearly tell your audience why a particular person needs to be honored by you or them.

Speak about what this figure means to you and why you think their legacy is of such importance. Remember, you can always consult a write my paper service to complete this task for you.

Tip #3: Talk About Their Achievements

The best way to convey the importance of a person is by listing their achievements.

So, you need to talk about the achievements of the figure that you are talking about. What exactly did they accomplish that is so meaningful?

What goals did they have in their life and how did they strive to achieve them?

The way you frame their achievements is of the utmost importance so be careful.

Tip #4: Explain Their Importance

Now, just talking about a person’s accomplishments is not enough. You need to show your audience that these achievements had some meaning. That they were important.

Talk about how the life of this person affected others. How they were able to help other people.

Did their achievements play a part in it? How are the efforts of this person valuable to us this day?

Tip #5: Use Empathy

Emotions are a powerful tool that can be used to sway any audience. And I mean it. No matter how difficult an audience you have, you can reach out to them by using the tool of pathos.

The easiest emotion to elicit in your audience is empathy. So, you need to use that to your advantage.

Talk about how this person is an inspiration for us all and how we can all become like them.

Tip #6: Summarize

This is something that is very important to include in any speech. Summaries are important because they cement the ideas into the minds of the audience.

They may have forgotten quite a lot during your speech but you can make them recall the main points through a summary.

Be sure to keep it short and to the point. Just mention the main points and nothing else.

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So, go for it.

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