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Many students face an issue while writing an essay assignment. One of the major reasons behind the issue is the lack of knowledge about types of essays. There are different opinions regarding these types of essays. Some people argue that essay has only four types while some people argue that there are more than ten types of essay. In this article, we will explain eight different types of essays so that students can understand how to cover a specific type of essay.

  1. 1. Argumentative Essay

    This is one of the favorite types of essays for teachers because it increases the critical thinking of the students. Here, students have to present their point of view and should prove it with the help of facts and evidence. Through the argumentative essay, the writer can change the perception of the readers about the topic. This is why the essay should be flawless and logical for the readers.

  2. 2. Descriptive Essay

    In this type of essay, students have to describe the entire detail about the topic. Students cover different aspects of the topic so that the reader can know more about it. For instance, if a student is writing about a disease then in the descriptive essay he will cover its explanation, symptoms, factors, prevention, and treatment. In short, every detail counts in this type.

  3. 3. Persuasive Essay

    In this essay, the writer tries to criticize the opponent's point of view. This is an influential and tough type of essay. This is because if the writer fails to change readers' points of view then the essay loses its credibility. Practice and a good choice of work are the keys to a persuasive essay. However, if you are not confident about it then you can hire a professional essay writer and ask to ‘write my essay for me’ in this deadline. This is because in academia persuasive essay is common and there is no escape from it.

  4. 4. Expository Essay

    This is the type of essay that relies on facts and figures. The writer uses different facts in the form of statistics, graphs, tables, definition, explanation, and discussion about the topic. In other words, the expository essay increases the skills of organizing information in a logical manner that can find something new that was not discussed before.

  5. 5. Compare/Contrast Essay

    This type of essay is based on similarities and differences between the two subjects, objects, experience, events, etc. The writer must have enough knowledge of two things so that he can write about how things are common and different. It is necessary to write about both so that the audience can also compare both the things themselves.

  6. 6. Narrative Essay

    It is more like telling a story to the readers. A narrative essay is supposed to write as a first-person in which the reader tells his life experience or about an event to generate some lessons that readers can use in their daily life. The main aim of the essay is to express your personal attitude that others can understand and can learn something from it.

  7. 7. Cause/Effect Essay

    In this type of essay, the writer explains an issue or event and highlights its causes. After explaining causes, writers add their possible effects on an individual or society as a whole. In this essay, the logical connection is required between factors for a specific reason then only he can draw its effects. For an excellent essay, it is significant to study various other works on the same topic to get a good understanding of the topic.

  8. 8. Critical Essay

    It contains all the features of the topic. The essay writer has to consider not only strength but also the weaknesses of the subject. The main purpose of a critical essay is to increase awareness or knowledge about a particular topic to the audience. The essay should contain enough information that readers can easily understand the topic.

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