What are the Benefits of Essay Writing in High School and College?

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Students come across different individual and collective activities during their educational lives. Some activities have short-term benefits whereas some others have long-term benefits for the students. Essay writing is a common activity undertaken by the students and it has many major benefits for them both in the short-run as well as in the long-run. In the following lines, we will take a look at some of the benefits of essay writing activity.


Essay writing assignments are given to students almost every week. So at times, students are unable to find time to write them on their own. This is the time when they can ask someone if he/she could write my essay for me? If unluckily they get an answer i.e. NO, then the student must start reading some material related to the topic of the essay and also look for similar examples online. Reading is itself a very good habit. The vocabulary is improved by learning many new words and their usage. Concepts about many things are improved and some new concepts are also developed.

An example can be given regarding Covid19. If a student is given the task of writing the essay on this topic, the student will have to read about the issue in detail. Some other topics may need the student to read past research e.g. the causes and consequences of the financial crisis in 2009. Thus, the first benefit of essay writing is that the student has to read through many sources of information. Reading will help the students in clarifying concepts of various subjects.

Gathering the thoughts

A student will come across many ideas and concepts while reading through the chosen sources. But these ideas must be written down according to their relative importance. Another way to jot them down is in the form of an outline. This is a long-term benefit that can help the students throughout their professional lives. While making a professional presentation in the office, a person can make use of the skill of gathering thoughts. A good presentation will require that the person reads through the related documents and gathers the thoughts at the same time. Students will be able to apply this ability while solving any exam or creating any other piece of writing.

Writing in the desired sequence

This is another important aspect of essay writing that can help the students in their whole life. Outlining the essay will help the person in keeping in line with the sequence. A good essay takes the readers from the introduction to the conclusion so that they are not lost at any point while reading the essay.

In the example regarding the financial crisis of 2009, the essay writer may start with the introduction and take the readers from the reasons of the crisis to the results. In the official setting, this will help the workers while writing a report. The employee will be able to write the report according to the format provided by the boss or high command of the company. A student may use this ability while doing a speech or even during the general conversation. Lack of this ability will create boredom for the readers or listeners.

Present the facts

The example related to the financial crisis essay may require the students to present some solid facts showing the causes and consequences of the event. This is another very important capability for the students in the long-run. In the official life, some issues require the employees to present some facts related to a certain event. The quantity and placement of these facts should be carefully assessed so that the essay remains manageable. This ability will help the employees in writing some formal incident reports during their work life.

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