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Are you a student and worrying about how to write your research paper? Keep calm, relax, and read the present article carefully. You have found an appropriate guide and solution to your concern.

The styles and formats of a research paper may vary depending upon its requirements and purpose. In the following, you will find some of the common and essential parts that every research paper must be having.

The following 8 parts are the essentials besides any other particular requirement.

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Method
  • Literature Review
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Reference List


Though it is not an essential part and not all the research papers may require an Abstract, however, it is relatively useful and beneficial for detailed and lengthy research papers. It may be of a single page or less than that (varying from 100 to 300 words). It carries the main theme or agenda, purpose and goal, context or background, etc. of the research topic. Never write it abruptly in haste. Write it carefully after proper study and rough practice.


The opening paragraph or the introduction to the research paper is of much importance. This carries the Thesis Statement through which you tell your reader what all you are going to present in the paper. It may answer different questions such as why and how it is important, what problems it is going to discuss, and how reliable it will be. Never provide a lengthy and detailed justification in the introduction, only write precise and brief statements to give a clear overview of your agenda.


It is also an important part that almost every research paper must be having. In this part, you have to describe the methodology of your research and findings whether you have conducted quantitative or qualitative research for your research paper, have you interviewed people really or you have taken information from them through electronic questionnaires, etc.

Literature Review

This part consists of a synthesis between the already done research and the new findings and ideas in your research. It provides a brief comparison between both past and new research works on your topic. If you face any trouble in writing a literature review, you can get help from an essay writing service to learn and know better how to compose an accurate literature review for your research paper.


It is the most important and varying part of a research paper. It carries the outcomes and results of your research work. You can write your outcomes and results either in numerical and tabular form or writing paragraphs according to the requirement and type of research.


Discussion is an important part of a research paper where you can describe in detail the results, findings, pros and cons, lacking, comparisons, and your personal observations and reviews, etc. For an ideal discussion, it should be linked with the entire paper especially to the abstract and introduction.


It is the most important part where you eventually come up with the evidence to your claims you made in the introduction and thesis statement. Your conclusion must be based on the whole discussion and body of the research paper. It should clearly state and prove what has already been said at the beginning of the paper.

Reference List

A research paper without any reference list is not considered valid or reliable. Your research paper must include a properly structured reference list at the end of the paper according to a specific referencing format such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc. Never include the references that are too old or are unauthentic given they can decrease the credibility of your research paper. You can also hire professionals and ask them to write my essay. Not only you will get a perfect paper, but you can also ask the writer to write the reference list according to the desired format.

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