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If an essay writer really wants to grasp the attention of your audience throughout your speech, it is very important that you start your speech with some interesting statements about the particular topic. When you make your presentation less boring, there is more probability that people would tune in longer and the goal of your speech would be understood in a better way. Here are some tips to help you open your presentation or you can ask others to write my essay for me in no time.

· Start with a question:

If you want the audience to listen to what you are saying, you have to acknowledge their presence and indulge them in your presentation. If you start with a question, you will see that they would begin to find an answer to that. Even if they do not answer it loudly, they would surely answer it subconsciously. In this way, they would be more interested in listening to your ideas, opinions, and concepts. You can give your introduction afterward. If you still need any help, consult an essay writing service to do it for you.


· Do you think that a serene island would be better to live in than a hustling city full of resources?

· Do you think that the death penalty should be abolished or not?

· State an interesting or a shocking fact:

If you want the audience to show interest in the topic, you first have to show them why your topic is significant. This can only be done by stating facts and statistics by reliable sources. In this way, they would consider the gravity of the situation and perceive your words in a better way. Try to use a fact that not many people heard of. In this way, the audience would learn something new and tune in to your presentation for a longer time period. Facts and statistics can also be used as strong arguments in your opinions, and if it is used in the beginning, it would really add excellence to your presentation.


· Do you know if we continue to use vehicles at this rate, more people would die of air pollution than any other known diseases?

· Do you know about 40% (approximately 2 billion) of the world’s population drink unclean water?

· Definition of the topic:

Another way of seeking the attention of your audience could be defining the topic in clear terms. Make sure not to use ambiguous terms or any other statement which may create any confusion in the minds of the audience. Always remember to take your presentation in a slow but gradual manner. A clear definition of the topic would provide your audience with a chance to get insight into what you are going to say next. It will also help the audience to understand your ideas and concepts in a better way.


· Climate change can be defined as the variations in the Earth’s weather and temperature for a longer period of time.

· Vampires are defined as creatures who feed on human blood and are afraid of the sunlight.

Use Quotes:

Another powerful way to open your presentation would be the use of a quote. Try to quote a famous person or a reliable source so everybody has heard of her/him or it. The quote should help your audience understand your topic in an effective manner. State the quote slowly and take pauses in order to make it more worthwhile.


· According to BBC, “Chinese economic sector is growing at the rate of 6% which is more than the USA and Russia”

· According to CNN, “China and India are on the verge of the war”

These are some of the ways in which you can begin your speech. If you are a beginner and think that you need more help with your debate speech then you can always use online sites offering a write my paper services. Their professional writers can help you with your academic papers of all types including essays, speeches, articles, thesis, etc. So, no need to worry as they can sort out any problem you are facing with your speech and that too within very reasonable prices.

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