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We all have been writing essays since grade one. The definition of an essay keeps on evolving during our academic journey, where we are first introduced to simple topics that keep on evolving into complicated essays. Essay writing is a skill that develops and progresses with time. However, for an essay writer to develop competent essays, there are multiple rules and conventions that must be followed according to a specific essay type.

Despite being familiar with essay writing or dealing with it on a regular basis, only a few individuals can master this skill in their lifetime. Consequently, many individuals, especially students, struggle with meeting the requirements of their professors in writing competitive essays. Thankfully, with the rise of the academic writing industry, there are multiple platforms that offer their cheapest paper writing service. These platforms are ready to dispatch their experts to cater to your academic needs.

Coming back to discussing essay writing skills, there exist multiple types of essays, with each having its specific formatting style and content arrangement, which mark the quality of an essay. From proper citation style to content arrangement, every component of a comprehensively researched essay needs to be properly aligned. Otherwise, it can compromise the quality of essays.

When it comes to formatting style, there are set academic formats that vary depending upon the subject and types of essay you are dealing with. Some commonly employed academic formats include MLA, Chicago, Harvard, APA format, etc. From the font style, size, indentations margins to arranging the in-text citations and managing end references, these formatting styles have a detailed guide available to make sure that all components of an essay are perfectly placed.

Apart from formatting the text, another important thing that marks the quality of an essay is the content style. In general, essays begin with an introductory paragraph and end with a conclusion. A general arrangement of paragraphs in an essay follows the following sequence:

1) Introduction- Here, you introduce your topic, add background information to it and introduce your thesis at the very end of the paragraph.

2) Body Paragraphs- They are central to every essay that extends your thesis and elaborates on your topic. Your body paragraphs are filled with arguments and evidence to validate and support your arguments.

3) Conclusion- The very end paragraph of your essay marks the conclusion, which includes a short summary of the main point discussed in the body paragraphs and a revision of your thesis statement.

The body paragraphs of your essay add life to your essay. The content in your body paragraph is your main content that majorly contributes to evaluating the quality and authenticity of your essay. According to the standard essay pattern, there must be three body paragraphs per essay. However, for lengthy essays, you can request your target write my paper service to add more paragraphs to suit the need of your essay. When it comes to writing body paragraphs, the primary rule is to start your paragraph with the topic sentence.

A topic sentence is the introductory statement of your body paragraph, which serves as a mini-thesis for your essay. The topic sentence encompasses a summarized idea of the concept that you are going to discuss in your paragraph. Since one idea must be discussed per paragraph, therefore, your topic sentence must also present a single idea only.

Adding a topic sentence at the beginning of your paragraph not only adds clarity to your essay but also allows the reader to grasp the gist of the paragraph by only reading the first line. Apart from adding clarity and quality to an essay, topic sentences at the beginning of your body paragraph also allow the reader to differentiate between different levels of the essay, that is, introduction, body, and conclusion.

In combination, topic sentences act as a comprehensive binder of essay contents to enhance the flow and format of the essay. You can also ask someone to write essay for me.

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