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Logical Fallacies are dishonest, flawed, and inaccurate statements, claims, or reasons that might sound superficially reasonable and true but they are never true at all. If readers or audience spot such errors of using logical fallacies in their speech by debaters, it directly proves them deceptive, unintelligent, and unskilled at persuasive argument.

A debater or an essay writer must essentially know about the use of logical fallacies not with a purpose to use them in his speech but to spot them if the opponent is using them. If a debater is capable of spotting the use of logical fallacies, his confidence and credibility in opposing the argument increases and chances for his success gets doubled.

Some debaters use logical fallacies intentionally in an attempt to trap the opponent and often they stand successful in doing so. However, it ultimately ruins their prestige when the use of logical fallacies is revealed later on. In this article, some logical fallacies are explained so that the debater may understand them and prepare to spot and defend themselves against the use of such fallacies by their opponents or you can also ask others to write my essay for me.

Ad Hominem Fallacy

Some debaters often use a technique to arouse anger and loss of senses in their opponent so that he may fail to justify his stance in a reasonable and witty manner. For the purpose, they attempt to ironically attack the personalities instead of staying with the argument and wise reasoning. This is called “Ad Hominem” in Latin that means “attacking someone personally”. There could be different styles of using Ad Hominem in different types of debate depending upon the situation of reasoning and argument by a debater. Using this fallacy doesn’t prove the standpoint of a debater but it ultimately triggers the opponent to get angry and lose control over his argument. A debater must know about such a technique so that he may stay calm, tranquil, and cool minded to spot this fallacy and use it back against the rival to strengthen one’s credibility of arguments. If you still need help, consult a write my paper service now.

Appeal to Ignorance

Ignorance and not knowing something is completely natural and almost every human experiences this throughout life. No one ever knows everything but everyone knows something about which he/she might have prepared themselves. Sometimes, debaters use this technique to appeal to the audience’s ignorance in trying to prove their standpoint. It sometimes apparently strengthens their argument or creates contradictory situations that both go in his favor unless the opponent pinpoints them and proves them fallacies. Staying aware of the use of this technique as well as holding sound knowledge and authentic resources based on proper research work will save a debater from the attack of “appeal to ignorance” by the opponent.

Bifurcation Fallacy / Black-and-White Fallacy / Either-Or Fallacy

It is a commonly used fallacy that has many names such as “bifurcation fallacy”, “false dichotomy”, “either-or fallacy”, “black-and-white fallacy”, etc. It is a technique to limit the argument and reasoning to merely one or two choices when there are more than 2 options available. Sometimes, even more than ten, fifty, or a hundred options may exist. Debaters often use this technique to narrow down the argument and trap the opponent to get troubled in reasoning and proving his claim. Again, proper research and carrying a list of strong and verified resources will help a debater to spot the use of this fallacy and fail it with a powerful argument based on authentic evidence and proofs.

Besides, there may be a list of more fallacies varying in their nature and techniques of using them in debates. The most effective and major solution and defense against the fallacies are to hold authentic resources and sound knowledge on the topic and to have a cool mind with controlled nerves to identify fallacies and oppose them successfully.

This guide will help you write a perfect debate. If you are unsure about your writing skills, get help from an essay writing service now.

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