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Writing a persuasive essay seems to be a difficult task. It is like being a lawyer and defending your point until you convince the jury. Some people find it one of the most difficult tasks to convince people so writing a persuasive essay is not a piece of cake for those people. The writer selects a topic and states arguments either for or against it to convince the audiences.

You just have to master the art of using rhetorical devices and literary techniques to make the essay appealing to the readers. Don’t worry if you have no idea about the rhetorical devices. You may order a few unique persuasive essay examples crafted by professional essay writers online to understand the fundamental structure of the essay. You should use ethos, pathos, and logos to make your essay convincing and appealing. I will share useful tips with an essay writer on how he can use rhetorical devices to make the essay impactful.

How To Use Rhetorical Devices

  1. 1. Ethos

    You can use ethos to make your essay more convincing. It is considered an appeal to ethics and it is used to convince readers Through the writer’s credibility and viewpoint. The first point is clear to you that you should use ethos in your essay to make it look more professional and appealing to the readers. But the main question is how do you use it?

    Well, You can use ethos in your essay through expressions, a certain style, vocabulary, and tone of the essay. The tone of your essay should be affirmative that the reader develops trust in you. You should state your beliefs in the introductory paragraph of the essay towards the topic. If your beliefs with the audience differ you have to show gratitude and respect to change the opinions of the audiences.

  2. 2. Pathos

    The second most important technique that is used to make your essay more appealing and convincing is pathos. Pathos is known to be an appeal to emotions. This appeal is used to convince the audience by showing an emotional response. While writing an essay you can use pathos by creating an exemplary image that can ignite emotions and sentiments in the reader. You can also create a background regarding your idea to make your appeal persuasive.

    You can use pathos in your essay by using figurative language. You can let your readers imagine a certain situation or a condition of an individual or group to ignite emotions. You should be wise in choosing words because words have the power to influence people greatly.

  3. 3. Logos

    Logos is the most important part of the persuasive essay. It is known to be an appeal to logic. You have to convince your readers by giving rational logic regarding the subject. You can use logos in the discussion paragraph while supporting your thesis statement. Logos are based on reasons and evidence to state your viewpoint. The audiences get convinced when you state a logical reason and it can not be denied. You can learn from history, scientific facts, statistical facts, and opinions of famous philosophers or scientists based on experiments and detailed research.

These are some of the most common yet important techniques that a persuasive essay cannot do without. It will be a lot easier for you to convince your audience by using ethos, pathos, and logos in your essay. If you still find yourself confused to write a persuasive essay, you can take help from an essay writing service. These essay writing services deliver highly professional and quality work according to your requirements. You just have to ensure that the website you are placing your order on is reliable and authentic.

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