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As a student, your college expects you to write extremely well-written academic papers. The problem is that they provide a limited time and different courses require different kinds of papers which can frustrate you. Can you change your professor's mindset and extend your deadlines? Probably not, therefore to craft appreciable academic papers such as qualitative research papers, within minimal time, simply follow the given guidelines.

What are qualitative researches?

This field of academic writing deals with the collection of data and then analyzing it. You use the qualitative research approach to gather information about your topic from your audience. You must answer the question of what people think about a particular topic and why they think that. Qualitative research on school dress codes would include interviews of students and professors where they explain their opinions.

What is the first thing to do?

You have to conduct qualitative research so how do you start? If you are facing tough deadlines and are under academic pressure, it is recommended that you use the convenient way, which is to buy essays online from an expert essay writer. Online services can be hired to write a well-formatted and error-free paper. The inconvenient option involves effort whereby you have to follow the guideline provided.

What are the different types of qualitative approaches?

  1. Ethnographic approach
  2. Using this approach, you can conduct thorough research on individuals who are unfamiliar with a particular culture. It is used to understand how people are living their lives and how they interact with change. In this way, the researcher can get a better idea of how the customer will deal with the product. A good example is how mobile companies launch beta software to test it on some individuals before making it public.

  3. Case studies
  4. A case study might explain, explore, or even describe an event in words. Only one subject is chosen for case studies and analyzed in great depth. You may use sources such as interviews, surveys, and questionnaires to compile data on your subject and come up with a final conclusion based on your research. A case study can help you forecast future events so you can use it in your research paper as a credible source.

  5. Narrative approach
  6. This approach deals with information and how it changes over an extended period. It is better to order your narrative data in chronological order but it is not necessary. You describe the event like a story to make it understandable. The marketing department of a company may use this approach to understand the trends of how a product becomes obsolete.

  7. Phenomenological approach
  8. This approach is used to describe an event. You use interviews, surveys, and focus group studies to form a final hypothesis. This method heavily relies on the perspective and mentality of the chosen group. An example of the phenomenological approach is to personally interact with the head of a business and understand his psychology. Also, if you more time to do in-depth research then you can ask someone to write essay for me.

  9. Grounded theory approach
  10. This approach explains the reasoning behind a particular event that has taken place. Instead of conducting new surveys for data collection, the present data is analyzed. You can use the present data to draft research that explains how a product is being used by several individuals. An example would be a retailer’s usage of data on a person to deny them credit.

    It is understandable if this is all too confusing for you. You should go through these 5 approaches and make short notes. If you are still having trouble, contact a paper writing service. They will help you craft a good research paper based on any of these approaches.


    Carrying out qualitative research is a difficult task. You must be aware of all the different kinds of qualitative approaches. There are 5 key approaches mentioned with examples. If you are still facing problems and would like your essay done quickly, contact online sources. However, if you still confused about how I write my paper, simply consult the best writing service.

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