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An outline can make your essay more perfect and reliable with ease. You might be the one who believes that outline is just a waste of time but trust us it actually saves your time. When an essay writer will start writing after making an outline, your writing will be nonstop without any confusion or flaws. If you are going to start your essay then we recommend you create an outline first.

During academia, I also used to skip this step. However, when I made the outline to write my essay for me for the first time I understood the easiness and efficiency that I got while writing my content. After that experience, I never skipped outline making. Therefore, if you want to five your essay with a firmer punch or logical structure just don’t skip the outline. If you don’t know how to make an outline then don’t worry we are here to tell you everything about it.

There are two types of outline and you can use any that is easier for you. Both the outlines are based on three traditional essay sections that are the introduction body, and conclusion. The main point that you have to remember is that insert the piece of information at the right place in your outline.

Topic Outlines

This is the type of outline that gives you a very quick preview of the topic and your argument. In this, you have to use a few words to represent one point. There is no need to write a complete line or sentences to depict why the point has been added. Students can make headings or they can also write in bullet points. However, all important points should be added in a correct sequence rather than randomly. The basic structure of the topic outline is shared below.

  1. I. Introduction
    • Hook
    • Description
    • Thesis
  2. II. First point
    • Definition
    • Explanation
    • Example
  3. III. Second point
    • Definition
    • Explanation
    • Example ( and so on.)
  4. IV. Conclusion

As you can see there are no long sentences or information about the topic. Students can remember what and when a new point they have to add in the essays. This outline type is useful when the student is running short of time and cannot write much in the outline. The topic outline gives structure to the essay and information can be used in a flow and logical manner.

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Sentence Outline

This is the second type of outline in which students have to write complete sentences to give an overview of information. It is mandatory that students write the opening sentences and justify them by examples in complete sentences. The basic structure of the sentence outline is explained below.

  1. Complete Thesis statement:
  2. The opening sentence of the first paragraph
    • One line explanation
    • One complete evidence
  3. The opening sentence of the second paragraph
    • One line explanation
    • One complete evidence (and so on.)
  4. Conclusion

The students who face issues while adding the information should use a sentence outline. Opening sentences for each paragraph helps them to remain stuck to the topic and thesis statement. It becomes easier to select the most relevant data and sub-arguments.

Some More Tips

When you start making your outline consider your position first and then start collecting data. Do not rely on already collected data or try it to insert it into the outline again and again. Use details only that can make your essay more credible and skip the information that is irrelevant or less effective. For this, you have to recheck your outline before starting the final essay.

Proofreading and editing for outlines are important just like an essay. With the editing of an outline, you may fail to develop the transition between the paragraphs. Therefore, check each point and make sure that all headings and information are placed in the correct place.

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