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Descriptive essays are the type of essays that describe something. It could be an event, object, place, emotion, experience, or idea. It paints a picture in the minds of the readers. It is not merely a description of an event or experience but such that the reader him/herself experiences the happening of the events.

Some of the criteria of the descriptive essay are:

  • It should be written chronologically.
  • All the events should be coherent.
  • Use of figure of speech: phrases and words that are not literal but have a vivid meaning
  • Use of sensory details: see, touch, smell, hear, and feeling.
  • Use of strong words rather than technical terms
  • Think before writing, revise, and correct at the end.

There are countless numbers of topics to write on, but the type of descriptive essay is two; description of concrete topics and description of abstract topics. If you are still confused, hire an essay writing service now in no time.

1. Concrete topic

A concrete topic is something that one can see, touch, smell, hear, or taste or simply a topic that can be described with the senses, for example, a morning walk, where one can describe seeing the dewy grass, hearing the birds, and people around, feeling the shade of trees, and smelling the earth. In case you need help, ask a write my paper service to complete this task for you.

2. Abstract

As compared to the concrete topic, the description of an abstract topic is more challenging. Emotions and ideas are abstract topics that are intangible. Hence, they are difficult to describe with the senses. Writers often refer to experiences, context, and situations to understand the topic. For example, in friendship, the context includes trust, sharing fears and hope, helping one another, and doing similar activities.

In addition, a descriptive essay includes a place, time, or point of view. The essay writer should focus on a specific topic with clarity. The sensory description of the context can complement the topic and essay. It should contain enough information for the reader to imagine what is being described without slight ambiguity. The conclusion of a descriptive essay imprints a strong impression or image in the minds of the readers. A purposeful conclusion adds to the value and importance of the topic. For the students, essay help does not come from outside rather, it comes from within a period of devoted writing.

How to write a good descriptive essay

Use of senses

Before putting pen to paper, employ all your five senses, i.e., sound, sight, touch, taste, and hearing. Write in such a way that the reader should read it with multiple senses. For example, the description of a park might be like in the morning I saw people jogging and birds chirping in the park. The sun’s waves were lengthening with warmer heat waves, and I ended up in the shade of a hut.

Creative point of view

A creative point of view in descriptive writing always gives a new charm to the essay, unlike the straightforward look. It is effective because it has a new way of looking at things. Creative narration unusually appeals to the senses, and this creativity piques the reader's interest.

Use of figurative language

Descriptive essays make ample use of imagery. The employment of similes and metaphors add to the charm of the essay. Figurative language dramatizes the experiences and events in a way that fascinates the reader.

Avoid slipping into the narrative.

A descriptive essay is meant to 'paint a picture rather 'showing a movie.’ There is not any chain of events, dialogues, or characters but a single focused, steady image.

Lastly, descriptive essays are the written accounts of events or experiences. A writer's inner urge to write my essay makes him practice again and again until the art attains maturity

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