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The standard format that is used for writing an essay in high school is the five-paragraph essay. It is a very common style of writing that includes an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. It is an important skill for students who are going through their introductory English classes and want to learn to explain their concepts and ideas in an organized manner. Students also develop their own format of essays as they start to gain advanced skills in essay writing.

Let us try to establish how to develop a good five-paragraph essay or you can ask others to write my essay.

Introduction of the essay

As the name suggests, it is the first part of your essay. Since it is the first lines that are seen by the reader, it should have some important elements. It should be able to capture the interest of the reader and it will be used to explain the topic to the reader so that he is able to form ideas and opinions about the thesis statements that the essay writer is using.

It is often advisable that you use a hook statement to capture the interest of the writer. Not only is it useful in claiming the interest of the reader, but it also helps in expressing your opinion in the essay. In most cases, the writers use quotes and anecdotes to get the attention of the reader. Many students practice creative writing in order to learn creative ways to start their essays.

The next sentences in the essay can be used by the writer to prepare the reader to understand your point of view. The thesis statement can be divided into three parts. These sections provide the three points that the writer can later be used to make the three body paragraphs in the essay.

Writing the three body paragraphs

The body paragraph is perhaps the area where the researched facts and figures are mostly used. Each of these paragraphs is often limited to one idea only so that the thesis statement is fully explained.

In most cases, the writer needs to use a supporting idea, several facts, and figures to act as evidence and your topic sentence to write a body paragraph. Several examples are also used so that the central idea of the paragraph is supported. In short, all the data of your paragraphs follow the pattern of “statement, supporting ideas and examples, transitional statements”.

In addition to that, the paragraphs use transitions so that the flow is established in the essay. The list of transition words includes: moreover, on the whole, as a result, for this reason, likewise, naturally surely, furthermore, simply put, similarly, and yet.


It is the final paragraph of your essay that wraps up the argument you have presented throughout the essay. Here, the writer should present a summary of all the points that he has used in his essay. The most important point that the writer should be careful about is that he should never repeat the examples that he has used in the body paragraphs. This is since the writer wants to leave a lasting impression on the writer that he has a vast knowledge of the subject.

The best way to write a conclusion is, to begin with, the restatement of the claims in the body paragraphs since they are directly in relation to the thesis statement given in the introductory paragraphs. The next must be thought-provoking and lean further outward from the topic. In the end, it is best that the writer ends the conclusion with an anecdote or a question so that he manages to leave an everlasting impact on the reader.


I know there is no one to help me write an essay for me, this is why I know this part is so important. Once you have written down the draft of your essay, remember that it by no means the final draft that you are going to submit. It is a good idea that you should proofread the complete essay again so that common mistakes such as grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are rooted out.

There are other things that are involved in proofreading as well. For instance, you would need to see that your essay is true to your thesis statement. You would need to check the flow of your essay and the transition between the body paragraphs. Read your essay to see if it connects well, and you might find that the supporting paragraphs are strong, but they don't address the particular focus of your thesis. Simply re-write your thesis sentence to fit your body and summary more exactly, and adjust the conclusion to wrap it all up nicely. If you are still confused, get help from a write my paper service now.

The general format of a five-paragraph essay

Many students are not sure how to start their essay. So, they can use this format to take the first and the hardest steps to writing their own essay.

  1. Pick a topic so that you are able to form a sensible and interesting thesis.
  2. Decide on the three points that are going to provide you with the body paragraphs
  3. Write an introductory paragraph, that states your thesis statement in a clear and concise manner
  4. Write the first body paragraphs by stating your thesis statement and focus on providing facts and figures to act as evidence for your arguments
  5. End the first paragraph with a transition sentence so that you can maintain the flow of the essay
  6. Write two more paragraphs using the same technique
  7. Start the conclusion by rephrasing your thesis. Include the points that you have used in the body paragraphs
  8. End the paragraph with an anecdote or a thought that stirs the imagination of the reader

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