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Want to attain the scholarship for a college program so that you won’t have to worry about managing finances? Well, many students in order to bear their college expenses had to do part-time jobs. I know it is very difficult to concentrate on studies while doing a job and believe me it is one of the main reasons students get exhausted, demotivated, and get lower grades.

However, the good news is that many colleges provide students with an opportunity to attain a scholarship. Do you want to know how you can avail of the scholarship? Well, the answer is simple. All you have to do is write a scholarship essay and submit it.

Wondering why admission officers are so interested in essays. An essay is the best way to determine the research and writing skills of an individual. Therefore, admission officers rely on such essays to give scholarships.

To write a scholarship essay the first and foremost important thing is to select a prompt. Usually, the prompt is given by the admission officers but if you have to pick a prompt yourself then don’t get stressed out. I am here to help. Below are a few ‘scholarship essay prompts that are not only easy to comprehend but are trending as well or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

1. How will this scholarship help you attain your educational goals?

This is one of the most common prompts on which students are asked to write an essay. You need to provide a proper thesis statement in which you state at least one reason how the money you will get will facilitate you in reaching your educational goals.

Remember! you need to convince the readers that you are having a financial crisis and have to mention family hardships etc but don’t exaggerate them. The trick here is to be real and be you.

2. Tell us about yourself

You must have written an essay on this topic in your high school as well so you are kind of familiar with the prompt. However, when writing for a scholarship you need to be extra cautious. Although, you got to be honest but don’t waste your word count on explaining your good qualities. You need to write about what motivates you, what were your past achievements, or any other characteristics you have.

Remember! This is an “open-ended” prompt so don’t be too overwhelmed while writing an essay. It is recommended to create an outline first and then starts writing according to it.

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3. What are your academic goals?

This is rather a fun prompt since you have the opportunity to let the readers know about the subjects that you are interested in and what field of study you would like to pursue.

Don’t simply state about your favorite subject instead let readers know what is so interesting about your chosen field and what is your motivation behind selecting a particular field.

4. Impact of sports on your life

If you are a sports geek this prompt is for you. All you have to do is mention your favorite sports and why you like to play. You may also tell the important things that you learned via sports such as time management, tolerance, working in a team, etc.

Tip: Don’t shy away from telling your readers about your sports accomplishments.

5. Why do you deserve this scholarship?

This prompt is a bit challenging. You can tell readers about your academic achievements and how motivated you are to maintain good grades. You can write about your passion along with financial issues as well.

How are you unique?

This prompt is diverse. You can either write about your race, ethnicity, or even your about your identity. You may also write about any disability you have.

Let the readers know about your personality traits that make you unique from others.

7. The time when you experienced failure

We all have experienced failure in our life. However, the main thing is how we overcome that dark period and emerge as a warrior. In this prompt, you need to explain the reasons due to which you face failure and how with hard work and perseverance you faced it.

8. How have you contributed to your community?

This topic is simple since you can add a lot of things to it. You can tell the reader about a charity event in which you participated or the time when you become a volunteer in any health-related campaign. You can also write how your chosen field will help foster the community.

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