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Persuasive topics of writings are an integral part of an academic career and are the most well-known type of argumentative essays. Persuasive essay topics have been considered based on the academic level of the customer. The trending persuasion essay topics are related to contemporary concerns of people. The basic trick to pick suitable persuasive topics is to research, explore, understand, and then skillfully write.

Writing specialists never abruptly decide any topic for a persuasive essay rather research and make a decision based on facts. They would not include any kind of bias, implying that their topics do not reflect the personal opinions of an essay writer . Numerous topics are debatable and are suitable for the selection of persuasive essay writings. For instance, while focusing on educational structure and its institutions, such topics have been recommended by experts:

  1. 'Why there is a need to make students digitally literate.’
  2. 'Should scholarships be easily accessible to all students'
  3. 'Why online learning should be preferred today'
  4. 'do students need to be educated in a foreign language'.

These topics have been recommended as they are relevant to the education perspective and could be considered as topics for writing persuasive essays.

Experts recommend topics related to political perspectives for persuasive writing by using their radical thoughts and could be enlisted as:

  1. 'Should all citizens of the state need to vote'
  2. 'Is democracy best for ruling a country.'
  3. 'Should religion and state be separated.'
  4. 'Should LGBTs be legalized'
  5. 'Did NATO succeeded in reducing terrorism'
  6. 'Is there a need to maximize the participation of women in politics'
  7. 'Is everyone accountable before the law or not'.

Recommendation of topics to be debated has been a long list, however, few have been enlisted here. Other social persuasive and debatable topics include:

  1. 'Should marijuana use be criminalized’
  2. 'Could criminals be rehabilitated'
  3. 'Should fast food items be regulated’
  4. 'Is there any need for paternity leave'
  5. Should opioids and other drugs regulated strictly'
  6. 'Is cyberspace safe for all'
  7. 'Is feminism a pragmatic ideology'
  8. 'Is social media creating more societal flaws'
  9. 'Is it possible to reduce the class difference in society'
  10. 'Advertisement to the children is harmful or helpful'.
  11. 'Is bodybuilding hazardous for women'
  12. 'Is ludo a sport or game’
  13. ‘Is it immoral to hunt a deer’
  14. ‘Animals in the circus are being deprived of their rights or not’
  15. ‘Should smartphone usage in class needs to ban’
  16. ‘Why war against terrorism is horrible’
  17. ‘Can on-campus education be replaced by online learning’
  18. ‘Are extended summer vacations necessary for children’
  19. ‘Should the death penalty abolish in law’?
  20. ‘Smoking should be banned or not’
  21. ‘Should the government regulate media content’
  22. ‘Is it necessary for voters to have biometric verification’
  23. ‘Could race factor ignored at the hands of educators’
  24. ‘Is it necessary to limit political campaign’s fundings’
  25. ‘Is the current minimum hourly wage for labors is up to the standard’,
  26. ‘Standardized entrance tests in school should be required or not’
  27. ‘Should multinational corporations be taxed by governments’
  28. ‘Is there exists an efficient mechanism for regulation of hate speech’,
  29. ‘Abortion should be legalized or not’.

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