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Here comes the time that you have feared the most; that is the time to write a research paper. A research paper is an essential part of the academic arena since it is the essence of what you have learned throughout the semester. However, many students aren’t able to nail the art of writing a research paper and thus end up losing grades.

Although, many students do possess exceptional writing abilities yet the wrong topic choice is something that costs them their grades. You must be wondering how we can differentiate between a right or wrong topic. Well, first let me clear this that every individual is different and possesses different capabilities. Therefore, the topic you think doesn't need to be right for you should also be right for the other person. So, it isn’t right to compare your abilities with other people.

When an essay writer is looking for a topic for his research paper it is necessary to pick a topic that isn’t too difficult to comprehend so that you can manage all the technical aspects as well. Make sure that the topic is as per your interest and you have sufficient background information as well. This way you can easily find the content from primary and secondary sources that you can use in your research paper. See that wasn’t difficult, was it?

It is noteworthy to mention that the internet is filled with a multitude of research paper topics. However, for your convenience, I have shortlisted a few of them and made different categories so that you can pick that one that interests you the most and is as per your professor’s instructions. If you are still confused, ask others to write my essay for me.

Health and medicine

  1. How to avoid animal testing?
  2. How obesity impacts mental health?
  3. Vaccines for kids: pros and cons
  4. Should prescription drugs be advertised?
  5. Can addiction be treated via medication?
  6. Societal view of surrogate mothers
  7. Can depression be treated with medications?
  8. Can medications lower anxiety?
  9. How obesity impacts the immune system?
  10. What is the role of placebo treatment?


  1. Standardized testing and its link with quality education
  2. Should education be cheaper?
  3. The implication of metal detectors in schools
  4. The role of technology in lesson planning
  5. Technology: a distraction or leverage
  6. STEM subjects should be made mandatory
  7. Sex education in schools
  8. Is a college education necessary to attain jobs?
  9. Should exams be abolished?

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  1. How to reduce global warming?
  2. Impact of earthquakes on land
  3. Human impacts on forest
  4. How overpopulation is managed?
  5. Is nuclear power safe for the environment?
  6. Is GMO food dangerous?
  7. Plastic consumption and water pollution
  8. Air pollution and its causes
  9. How to save trees?
  10. How to stop wasting paper?


  1. Can gun control deter crimes?
  2. How to stop ethnic killing?
  3. What is the appropriate age to vote?
  4. Should criminals be allowed to vote?
  5. Should abortion be legalized or not?
  6. Do we need short working hours?
  7. Homelessness: who is to blame?
  8. Poverty: who is to blame?
  9. Is the minimum wage too high?
  10. Is socialism possible?
  11. Is capitalism really fostering the economic growth of a country?


  1. Should women be allowed to compete against men?
  2. Sports betting must be banned?
  3. Is cheerleading also a sport?
  4. Beauty contests are setting the unachievable beauty standards
  5. Animals must be forbidden in sports?
  6. Children should not be allowed to play football
  7. Impact of playing sports on children’s mental health
  8. Impact of playing sports on children’s physical health
  9. Our athletes’ good role models?
  10. Should athletes be allowed to use steroids?
  11. Can online sports news be considered credible?
  12. How gaming consoles impact youth?


  1. Impacts of stress on the physical health of an individual
  2. Eidetic memory
  3. Impact of violence on children’s mental health
  4. Impact of depression on the immune system
  5. Insomnia: causes and consequences
  6. Impact of stress on children’s health
  7. What is a phobia?
  8. How to combat phobia?


  1. The American dream and modern literature
  2. The portrayal of women in old literature
  3. Fiction serves as an instrument for propaganda
  4. Is fanfiction independent literature?
  5. Why do authors use metaphors?
  6. The portrayal of women in the play Hamlet
  7. Themes of the play streetcar named desire
  8. Role of fate in Romeo and Juliet
  9. Role of fate in Beowulf
  10. Analysis of the play the corpse bride

Have you skimmed through the above list of topics? Did you pick one? If yes, start gathering data and then create an outline. Once you are done with these two tasks it’s time to kick start the writing process since writing a research paper isn’t that easy.

However, if you are still struggling to finalize the topic or you have picked a topic but struggling to write a research paper and the deadline is approaching. Then I suggest you take help from an essay writing service online since you can’t let your grades slip away just because you haven’t submitted the research paper on time. All you have to do is share the instructions with the professional writers and let them help you craft an effective research paper for you.

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