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Compare and contrast essays are the most common tools of assessment among teachers. Most of them are comfortable giving their students compare and contrast essays for assignments. It helps every student to increase their knowledge regarding the different topics.

  • You need to be prepared for such assignments and must be experienced enough to write them with perfection. When I started to write, I faced many difficulties. I used to hire a professional essay writer to write essay for me. It helped me a lot in the process of learning how to write. You need to be precise and to the point while making the comparison.

Making comparisons becomes easy if you have the right knowledge about the essay. A compare and contrast essay must have a short background of both the under-discussion subjects. Some of the important topics which might be helpful for you in preparation are written below. A daily exercise of writing on any of the below-mentioned topics must be done. This would boost your confidence and increase your skills

  1. Economies of the world powers
  2. A policy comparison of the world's powerful state
  3. A complete lockdown vs smart lockdown
  4. Standard of living in different states
  5. Educational impact in Eastern and western world
  6. Sports activities around the world
  7. Corona Vaccination drives in a different state
  8. Health disparities in different countries
  9. Trends of volunteerism
  10. Comparing the political impacts of Covid-19 among European states
  11. A day with and without Covid-19
  12. Effectiveness of different Covid-19 vaccination
  13. Successful economic models
  14. Brexit, a controversy in Europe yes or no?
  15. Syrian crisis and history
  16. Yemenis children and children in the rest of the world
  17. The Corona crisis and natural habitat
  18. Biological warfare and accidental lab errors
  19. Environmental crisis and global warming
  20. Drinking water shortage around the globe and water wastage
  21. Is a smart lockdown a viable way to tackle Covid-19 or a complete one?
  22. Has the internet positively or negatively impacted human society?
  23. Use of words and guns?
  24. Positive and negative outcomes of feminism?
  25. Should student's textbooks be replaced by notebook computers?
  26. Economic assistance to the different Covid trodden states?
  27. Should the engines be converted to hybrid technologies?
  28. Religious backwardness and modernity
  29. US elections 2020 vs previous US elections
  30. Religious extremism and religious peacefulness
  31. Technologies and warfare
  32. Racial disparities and ethnic disparities
  33. Drug abuse and health
  34. Women empowerment and decision making
  35. Human security in the post corona world and before it
  36. Inequalities in different governmental systems
  37. Wars over different resources
  38. Role of industrialization in environmental degradation
  39. Do Amendments in three strike legislation agree or disagree?

All these topics are important and the majority of them are issues nowadays. You should be vigilant in understanding the topics and then writing something on them. At the start, as you are in the phase of learning you should hire a paper writing service to do this job for you. Try to learn from their write-ups. Be precise and simple in your writing.

The aforementioned topics must be practiced daily. They will develop critical skills that would help you in bringing perfection to your writing. No one is perfect at the start but at the same time, you cannot take any risks with your assignments. So, the strategy should be to learn and develop more skills. With time you will see that your write-up will improve.

These are a very clear set of rules that are recommended by an essay writer to make your essay attractive. You should closely follow them and try to be aligned with the guidelines. This would help in providing you with some good grades and enhance your writing skills with time.

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