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Do you want to enjoy college life? Well, what's stopping you? An educated guess would be the pending assignments in the form of academic work. Most students complain about the lack of guidance regarding academic writing and the high expectations of their professors. With the help of a few examples, you will be easily able to write a brilliant argumentative essay.

Your choices

There are 2 pathways that you can take. The first one is to follow the guidelines, stick to the format, and construct a well-crafted argumentative essay outline and use it to make a final fair draft while the other way is to hire an online essay writer who can do it for you. You must be wondering “are there online writers that can write essay for me within the given deadline? The answer is yes! These services take some money and write up the essay for you or correct mistakes in a rough draft that you send.

Ideal topics for argumentative essays

If your instructor asks you to write an argumentative essay, they will either give you some topics to choose from or ask you to come up with one yourself. How will you know which of the argumentative essay topics have the most potential for writing? You will conduct brief research on all the provided topics and choose the one on which you can find the most information. Check out both sides of the argument and select the side which you personally think is better. If the instructor gives you the freedom to choose your own topic select one that you are personally interested in and make sure there are scholarly articles online to back your stance.

How to know if a topic is good

Argumentative essay topics should always be debatable. If you are provided with a topic, and you are not sure whether you can write an argumentative essay on it, analyze the topic carefully, and try converting it into a question. You can write an argumentative essay on a topic such as ‘the cost of the civil war’ by asking yourself what the major costs were and did they justify the end result? If the topic is really confusing and you can’t find proper information on it, you can consider hiring a paper writing service. This way you won’t have to frustrate your mind with the immense research and a well-written essay will be prepared for you.

Common topic ideas and arguments of both sides

  1. Should covid-19 Vaccination be mandatory?
  2. Favor:

    • Public health is of utmost importance.
    • Mandatory vaccination has effectively removed diseases in the past


    • The vaccine may be harmful to health
    • Mandatory anything goes against freedom laws
  3. Should women have the right to an abortion?
  4. Favor:

    • Taking care of a child is a huge responsibility, thus aborting is the mother’s choice
    • The fetus can not be equated with a living and breathing human


    • Abortion is equivalent to murdering a baby
    • Getting pregnant is mostly a voluntary act, thus the parents should bear the consequences
  5. Are smartphones harmful to a teenager?
  6. Favor:

    • Early exposure to pornography
    • Social media addiction


    • Curiosity can be quickly answered
    • Cellphones are used as an alarm, source of news, entertainment, and awareness
  7. Is eating meat morally wrong?
  8. Favor:

    • Animals are companions, not food
    • Can result in the extinction of the animal


    • Survival of the fittest; humans are smart therefore they eat fewer smart animals
    • Meat is essential for human growth
  9. Should marijuana be legalized?
  10. Favor:

    • Health benefits
    • Not as harmful as cigarettes and alcohol


    • Driving can be fatal
    • Will lead to the usage of other drugs


When you are provided with a topic, research both sides and choose the one on which you find more information. If you are given the responsibility of drafting the topic yourself, choose one that interests you, and has credible sources. It is recommended that you should contact online writing helpers if there is any time-management issue. It will save you time and a lot of effort.

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