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Plagiarism is one of the most serious concerns in academia. The severity of the issue can be analyzed from the fact that proper penalties are introduced for students of their work that appear to be plagiarized. It is one of the reasons that I am reluctant to write something myself. A non-plagiarized essay is more of a wish because I know it is one of the toughest jobs a student is required to do. The significance of fear can be traced to the fact that I always ask my siblings to write my essay for me because I don’t know how one can rephrase the whole thing. Recently I came to know some simple steps that can help with plagiarism and I am going to share those tricks with you.

  1. Referencing and citation

    One of the best techniques that can help you with plagiarism is referencing and citations. It is not only an academic requirement but it is one of the best approaches that can help you with essay writing because nothing is wrong with citing the original source. References and citations follow different formats in different essays so one needs to understand citation variation as well.

  2. Rephrasing

    It is the most common technique for reducing plagiarism. Rephrasing requires an essay writer to read the text and then write everything in his own words. It is one of the best approaches that can not only help a writer to learn more but it is one of the best strategies to score well. Rephrasing requires active reading skills because if a writer will not read and pick the main idea, he will not be able to write.

  3. Quoting

    One of the best approaches that can be used for writing a non-plagiarized essay is to quote the direct lines. It is one of the profound techniques that can be used to write a well-phrased essay. Adding quotations not only adds to the underlying crux of scholarly essence but it is one of the central techniques that can help with the word count of the essay.

  4. Summarizing

    It is the last option that is suggested to someone who is not able to overcome plagiarism. Summary actually means to read the whole text in a single sitting or reading text, paragraph by paragraph. It can help a writer to come up with his personal understanding of the topic and it is one of the best approaches that can be used for academic writing that will be plagiarism-free. One of the drawbacks of using this technique is, a writer might not be able to communicate the central idea. There are more chances of repetition or exaggerated content because there will be no check and balance on the quality of text simultaneously.

  5. Plagiarism checking software

    One of the options that can help you with plagiarism is using plagiarism checking software. This software can help you with the identification of the text that is plagiarized and you can rephrase that text again. One of the most common software for checking plagiarism is “Turnitin”. This software helps you identify the plagiarized text along with the identification of the percentage of the similarity and from where that text is taken. It can help you with almost all types of academic tasks. You can also ask an essay writing service to do it for you.

    Reading the above-mentioned points you can now write a non-plagiarized essay. It is important to take the above-mentioned points seriously because plagiarism can lead to failure so it is not good to risk your academic career because of lame excuses or a careless approach to the dilemmas that you are already known to. So, if you will follow the above points you will be able to write a plagiarism-free essay and assignments. If you are still confused, get help from a write my paper service now.

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