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If you are a student and are worried about the never-ending cycle of assignments then trust me you are not alone. There are thousands like you worrying whether they’ll be able to cope up with all the academic requirements or not. In this regard, having to write paper after paper is one of the top-cited sources of stress and anxiety in college students.

Writing a decent paper is no easy feat, each essay or research paper has a unique set of requirements, methods, or structures. A persuasive essay is a common type that requires an essay writer to follow a certain format and apply certain techniques to convince the reader of your viewpoint. It certainly is a tricky task and most students require some sort of assistance to be able to complete it successfully. However, if you know a few secret hacks and techniques, the work will seem a lot easier. Let's go through some of them below or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

Secrets to writing a good essay

Secret 1: Know what you are doing

A persuasive essay means to convince your audience from your point of view. It is the basic purpose of this essay, once you know the definition then it will be easy for you to write one. Make sure that your topic is controversial so that you have more areas to explore.

Secret 2: State your position

After the selection of the topic, the next step is either to justify it or negate it. It is solely on your discretion which side you choose. Make sure that you have a solid claim to justify i.e. if you are writing an essay on climate change then focus on one point like 'use of plastic and its impact on the environment.' In this case, you would persuade your reader to refrain from using single-use plastic.

Secret 3: Search relevant material

You should find relevant material after finalizing your topic. You can search for data from books, journal articles, magazine articles, and news. There is a slight possibility that you would find plenty of data but you cannot write all of it in your essay. Because your essay should state a specific position after research, try to organize your data.

Secret 4: Narrow down your research/evidence

For a good structure narrow down your research on a specific point. Choose a theme that is relevant to your topic and has compelling evidence. You can earn good points if your area is unique and is not well-researched before. If you have solid evidence you can argue that not plastic but carbon emission causes environmental degradation.

Secret 5: Make an outline

An outline would give your essay a proper direction just make sure to cover all aspects which you will discuss in your essay. Your outline should look like this:

  • Introduction: You can start it with an anecdote, a quotation, figure, or any shocking statistic. Whatever you think, make sure that you end it with your thesis statement.
  • Supporting Paragraph 1: Mention your ideas that would justify your thesis.
  • Supporting Paragraph 2: Mention more ideas and evidence in support of your statement.
  • Antithesis Paragraph: Explain the opposite side of your thesis statement and negate it and tell your reader why you are sticking with your statement. If you consider it difficult then you can also ask a write my paper service to guide you or write your essay.
  • Conclusion: Reinstate your thesis statement and tell your reader whether the respective topic needs more research or not. You can also highlight some areas so that future readers do not get confused.

Secret 6: Proofread

Once you have completed your essay make sure to revise it once so that you can eliminate your typos and grammar mistakes if any. You can also ask an essay writing service to proofread your essay at affordable rates

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