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It is very important to know what a press release distribution service is whenever we talk about it. Well, a press release is a service that sends a brand’s message through a press release to the target audience(s) of the brand as well as to various locations. Journalists find out releases that are allied to businesses and organizations when they are sent. In addition to this, it is also key to have an idea about the process of submitting a press release. Hence, there are two (2) ways of submitting a press release that is;

  1. Post/Place your release to the press release distribution service you have selected for the distribution of your press release.
  2. Send your press release to various locations such as newspapers and magazines etc.

You got an idea about what a press release service is and the process of submitting a press release! Great! Now, let’s learn about top press release distribution services. As well as to know why they are at the topic in the sector/industry they are operating in. So, we would hire the one that is the best for us or you can ask others to write my essay or press release.

List of Top Press Release Distribution Services

  • 1.   Linking News

    Linking News is one of the most recognized press release services. If one is looking for the best press release distribution service at a very reasonable and affordable price, then they should consider Linking News first. Linking News is on the list of press release services that have highly satisfied customers. It has always ensured the ultimate satisfaction of its clients. The network of Linking News consists of more than 330,000 publications, 90 million media followers or influencers, and 900,000 journalists make it the largest press release distribution service in the industry of its operations.

    Moreover, the things that help Linking News list itself on top are;

    1. It is a 100% white label press release service
    2. It is a Chinese press release services that guarantee placement of presses for top tier sites (media sites)
    3. It has an unbranded Personal Relations distribution report with integrated solutions.
    4. Smaller and extremely business-friendly pricing plans for all clients

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  • 2.   Globe Newswire

    Globe Newswire is highly approached when one aims to quickly syndicate the engaging story of their company on the local and global level. A key strength of Globe Newswire is it specializes in multimedia content, business and corporate releases, and business disclosures to media and the public.

    Another thing that makes Globe Newswire a successful press release distribution service is it offers the best services to agencies from all sectors. It is globally sized while capturing the massive regions of North America and Europe. Globe Newswire also sends press releases throughout the largest media platforms of the world like Yahoo and USA Today.

    One of the best facts about Globe Newswire is that PR assists companies to distribute their stories to their target audience everywhere and in every language.

  • 3.   PR Newswire

    PR Newswire can be found on top of the list of biggest and oldest press release services in the Cision market. The main services of PR Newswire comprise social media monitoring, content/press distribution, and most excellent press release distribution services. A key fact about PR Newswire is it provides the most advanced PR targeting. Moreover, it has around 200,000 points of distribution or distribution points.

    PR Newswire guarantees the distribution of press releases to more than 4,000 sites at one time. With more than 3,000 media sites 130 plus release-only media sites. Beyond above, other facts of credibility about PR Newswire include but not only;

    • The highly skilled and expert editorial staff
    • Brilliant tools for report visibility
    • Exceptional multimedia optimization
  • 4.   Businesswire

    Businesswire is also an old press release distribution service. Businesswire was founded in 1961. The company has clients from more than 160 countries around the world. Businesswire offers both online as well as print release distribution services to its clients. These services of offering both online and print enable users/clients to target and reach both digital and print newsrooms.

    A key strength of the company is its site has an immense design and UX than almost all competitors. Another key thing about the website of Businesswire is its specific search option/function to enable users to specify through hundreds of press releases on the site every day.

    Other facts of credibility:

    • Press releases of Businesswire come in a different language
    • It offers pre-forecasting
    • The reporting of Businesswire is very transparent
    • It offers a result tracking system to the clients to stay updated about the results of their press releases.

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  • 5.   PR Web

    PR Web is another top-ranked press release distribution company or service. PR Web has been operating for more than 20 years in the industry. The company is offering services to a large number of companies and businesses around the world. PR Web also has satisfied and loyal clients and this achievement bring PR Web to the list of top press release distribution services/companies. PR Web assists thousands of businesses every year to reach their target audiences, new potential customers, and ensure website traffic.

    The main services of PR Web include PR (Public Relation) services, online reporting/coverage, and search visibility. Also, PR Web offers important tools for reacting to compelling business stories. Multimedia attachments and video embedding are also in the list of services of the PR Web.

    Last but not the least, real-time analytical reporting makes services of PR Web much better than services of competitive services/companies. If you are still confused, ask an essay writing service to complete this task for you.

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