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In academic assignments, you’ll probably see the term “primary source” a lot, and what it basically means is with a historical event, a primary source would be historical facts or information that came from someone who was actually at and experiencing that event.

So, like, if we were talking about the founding of America, the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin might be a primary source since he was alive at that time and was participating in the whole founding of America. With police/crime, a primary source, again, is information from someone who was there at the time, except it’s at the time the crime was happening. So, if someone was robbing a bank, the bank teller sitting at her desk watching it all happen would have been a primary source.

Basically, a "primary source" is someone who was at the event(s), who can be interviewed, or has documented his/her direct experiences!

Basically, it's a way to "enhance" an author's research into an area as a sales incentive. (I'll give you an example) : David Scale, while reporting on the Atomic Bombing of Nagasaki, reported that Nagasaki was not the actual initial target. He was informed that this was the case in 1960 by Mr. Fred Olivi, co-pilot of Bockscar.

Note that Mr. Olivi is the "primary source" and I was told this in a personal conversation with him 40+ years before the fact that it was Kokura, not Nagasaki, that was the primary target that day. A follow-up to this is the fact that the book, "Decision at Nagasaki" by Mr. Olivi is, thus a primary source as it was written by one of the men on the Nagasaki mission.

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The main problems that students face while citing sources are, students are not aware of the databases they can access to find a credible primary source.

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Credible Databases for Primary Sources:

Below is a list of databases where you can extract primary sources from.

  1. African American Newspaper, 1827-1998
  2. American Ancestors
  3. American Periodicals Online
  4. Archives of Sexuality and Gender: LGBTQ History & Culture Science 1940
  5. American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection
  6. Ancestry Library Edition
  7. British Periodicals I&II
  8. Artstor
  9. Caselaw Access Project
  10. Early English Books Online (EEBO), 1475-1700
  11. Documentary Sources for the Arts and Humanities in Medici Granducal Archive: 1537-1743
  12. Eighteenth-Century Collection Online: Peoples, culture Environment
  13. Early Encounters in North America
  14. History Makers Digital Archive
  15. Newspaper Archive
  16. U.S. Census Bureau
  17. Literature Resource Center
  18. JSTOR +
  19. World History in Context
  20. Women and Social Movements, International, 1840 to Present
  21. WGBH Open Vault
  22. Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000

The primary source is a personal diary that speaks to an issue. Since this rarely happens, a source report made at the time like a publication announcement, a trial report, a deed or will, a license, tax and property records or mention in another’s document of the period. From there it’s filling in the puzzle pieces over a timespan and weaving the results into a flawed but increasingly accurate portrayal of the person or event that hopefully gives perspective into the bias of the original report(s) or reporter(s).

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However, I think you are now aware of the primary sources, my humble suggestion to you is, save the list of databases I have created. It will definitely help you with finding credible primary sources. Or you can always ask others to write my paper at affordable rates.

Good Luck!

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