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Are you tired of trying to write a perfect expository essay because it always ends up messing up? Writing an expository essay is not rocket science you don’t need to fret. You need to relax and take a chill pill. Many students find it a difficult task to write an expository essay because it seems to be the most technical academic essay.

If you are worried about completing your essay before the deadline and asking your friends to help you out? Don’t panic because I am here to share with you five mistakes that students make commonly while writing an expository essay.

What is an Expository Essay?

There are many types of essays like narrative essay, fictional essay, research essay, expository, etc. I know it is difficult to remember each type and what we are supposed to do in each of the essays. No worries, first of all, let me tell an essay writer what are the requirements of the expository essay. It is a research-based essay which requires an investigation of an idea and evidence to support your claim.

Five Common Mistakes

  1. 1. Not drawing an outline for Essay

    The most common mistake made by most of the students is to skip the most important part of the essay which is drawing a rough outline on paper. Writing down your ideas about the topic helps you write a perfect expository essay. If you skip this part you may not be able to insert the accurate information and may skip some information.

  2. 2. Irrelevant material

    Some students add too much irrelevant material just to cover the space. This is one of the biggest mistakes made by the writer that can make the reader lose interest in your essay. You just have to add precise and relevant information about the particular topic or subject. This problem can be linked with the mistake I have mentioned earlier when you skip outline you end up messing up your entire essay by adding irrelevant information.

  3. 3. Unorganized Essay

    The most crucial step is organizing your essay according to the requirements. Some of the students skip this part as well. You should know the introductory paragraph of the essay contains the definition, importance of the topic, and the thesis statement. Some students place thesis statements in the last paragraph and give arguments at the end while they drag the same information throughout the essay.

  4. 4. Repetitive content

    One of the most common mistakes is that some students repeat the same information in the entire essay. The information should not be repetitive and redundant. Repetitive content gives a poor impression to the readers.

  5. 5. Lack of supportive arguments

    The body paragraphs must contain the evidence and examples to support your thesis statement but some students fail to add evidence and supporting arguments that support their stance. Try to add examples, statistical and historical facts to support your arguments. Providing authentic and valid supporting evidence strengthens your arguments.

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