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Everyone enjoys describing a particular incidence in the form of a story. When you are writing an essay you should focus on developing a narration for it. Storytelling is an art helping you grab the attention of your readers if you keep the purpose of your story intriguing. Reading and writing such types of essays can be a fun task for you. And if you find them problematic, you can take guidance from professional writing experts.

Writing such types of essays may require creativity for effectively writing a story. You can start writing by selecting a suitable topic for your essay. An outline will help you in developing continuity in your arguments of narrative essay. Following are certain tips that can assist you in simplifying this task. You can also access an online essay writer to take help in this sort of assignment.

Tips for essay writing

Before starting to write such kinds of essays, go through the essays on internet sources based on narration. Also, use the following tips in developing such essays.

  • You should focus on keeping the content of your essay clear and concise. Adding complexities will lose your reader’s interest. So you should refrain from making it ambiguous.
  • Unlike other forms of essay, in narration, you can add your personal opinion. So writing it concerning the first-person pronoun will be a good strategy.
  • As you are describing a story, your essay should start with an introduction of your story, and the characters associated with it. Write it as you are developing an understanding for your reader. Try to explain all aspects to clear ambiguities and keep it interesting.
  • If you observe that story might be getting uninteresting, add an interesting fact about it. Building logical arguments can be hard, so asking a professional writer to write essay for me can be a helpful solution to this problem. Keeping the content in the logical flow should be your aim while writing such essays.
  • Try to avoid adding too many secondary sources in your essay. If you have too many references it will have a disruptive effect on your story. So focus on your primary source more than the rest of the data obtained from the internet.
  • Do not add too many passive voice sentences in your essay, it can make it a little boring. Also, avoid repeating the same words, change your phrases and words in the essay.

Before writing the essay, go through the helping material for learning about how to write narration. Besides, asking online writing services to write my paper would be the most appropriate solution for me. Above all, keeping a clear idea can assist in developing a good essay. Keep these tips in your mind while writing your paper.


It will be a good strategy if you read certain examples of these essays. Brent Staples has written a narration “Just Walk on by” to describe his experience as an African American man in America. His motifs are to tell his readers the struggles racial minorities face in this country. The main purpose of writing the story is clear. He has also used the first personal pronoun for stating his experience.

For keeping the interest at its peak, he provides facts and evidence in his story. If you find time to read it, you will notice that all shreds of evidence are related to a common purpose that is racism. You will end up developing sympathy for the writer. You will also learn to describe any issue bothering you in form of narration.

Take some time out of your busy schedule and read some stories to develop your understanding. If you have too much workload, you can take help from online writing services to manage your work. Do not be hesitant in following guidelines for such essays. These particular tips will save you time and also develop an effective story for your readers.

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