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If you are beginning your work on a dissertation, then you have my condolences. Writing essays or a dissertation is seriously hard work.

Not to mention that it is made even harder by the fact that there is so much work to do.

But the most important work in writing a thesis is its introduction. Once you have that, the rest of the paper will follow.

Why? Because the introduction has all the elements of the paper.

So, if you are stuck in the introduction then I have a few tips waiting for you.

Tip 1: State Your General Topic

Before you begin to go into details about your research, you have to first tell your readers what your main topic is.

For this, just state the general topic first. Your research must be based on something specific.

Just mention the broader topic while online essay writing and then narrow it down to your research question.

First, introduce the bigger topic and then the issue.

Tip 2: Give Some Background

When you are telling your readers about your problem, you need to show them how and why it's important.

To show this, you will give some background information.

Tell them what the problem is exactly. How does it occur and why? Tell them it’s importance.

Show your readers that you are working on an issue that is of importance.

Tip 3: Talk About the Current Situation

The problem that you are working on must be something that is not yet solved. This means that it should currently be a problem.

Here you will talk about what is currently going on in this field of research.

Is there much data or the field has been ignored? Have the researchers found something new that can help in the wrong run?

Tip 4: Tell About the Importance of Your Research

The importance of your research. Don’t mix this up with tip number 2. There you were describing the problem but here to convince your readers that your paper is contributing to the field.

You see, you have to bring something new to the table.

You can’t just repeat what others said. You will have to create knowledge. Show how you do this to your readers.

Tip 5: State the Research Question

Finally, you have to tell your readers exactly what the paper is about. You have already mentioned the background and narrowed down the topic.

Now, an essay writer has to state the exact purpose of his research. What do you hope to find?

What are your aims for this thesis? What is the main focus of this paper?

Answer these questions and you will get there.

Tip 6: Define the Technical Terms

Ok, this is super important. Your readers won’t know everything about the topic that you choose. So, you will have to help them along the way.

If there are any technical terms that you have to define them first.

Tell your reader what you are talking about. If you don’t do this then your paper will become unreadable for your audience.

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