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Personal statements are an important part of the admission application in any field. They can be even more important in practical fields like medicine. There are many ways to write an impressive personal statement for medical students. In the following lines, we will take a look at various tips to write a personal statement for the medical field or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

Starting points

Before you start writing a personal statement, you should know about the characteristics of a strong essay. These characteristics may be in the form of different parts of the essay. The brainstorming process is also important for selecting the topic or theme for the personal statement.

Considering the audience

The essay writer should consider the audience for whom the personal statement is written. Generally, the personal statement is written for the people who are well versed in the terminology and requirements of the field. The writer should use the terminology carefully in the personal statement. Concerning the medical field, a person may show the interpersonal and science competencies. The writer should also look at the mission statement of the school to know what is expected of them to get admitted to a particular school.

Telling a story

A personal statement is all about telling a story that revolves around your passion for the medical field. An example can be given regarding some emergency where someone needed urgent medical treatment and no one around had the relevant expertise. Similarly, a pandemic situation can also compel you towards adopting a medical profession.

The major problem with this kind of statement is that there is no specific prompt available for the writers but they have to remain within some certain domain. For the first-timers, this thing provides a considerable challenge. If you are still confused, consult an essay writing service now.


The most boring personal statements contain a simple resume in a narrative form. The personal statement should progress logically from one event to another. The chronological method is the best to show progression in the personal statement. All the sections of the statement should be logically connected.


The structure of the statement will include an introduction, body, and conclusion. An opening sentence can make or break your whole statement so you should write an interesting sentence to start the statement. It should be followed by the personal qualities which may help you in becoming a good medical practitioner.

The roadmap presented in the introductory paragraph will allow the reader to know where the story is headed. You can obtain various model personal statement examples from a good writing service to help you understand what a good introduction needs. For example, a medical student may express his attraction or passion for social work and recount how joining the medical profession will help him achieve these goals.


The body section elaborates on the points presented in the introduction section. Continuing with the above example, the essay writer may explain the passion for social work and related services. Another example can be given regarding the services provided by a healthcare team to a close relative. This example may create a personal connection between the healthcare team and the patient.

The writer should elaborate on the interpersonal skills to show that the personal connection is useful for the patient and caretaker. Searching the internet may also help the writer to seek information on the requirements of particular medical schools. Each major point will be discussed in a paragraph.


The last paragraph will rephrase the major points of the last two paragraphs and then relate them to specific medical schools. An example can show the volunteering activities undertaken by the individual and the way these can be useful for the medical school. All the points mentioned in the above paragraphs should be discussed in this section. In case you need help, hire a write my paper service now.

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