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The buttons of your laptop keyboard are still lifeless but no thought is coming to your mind. The deadline to submit the reflective online essay writing is very close and here you are, sitting with a blank document.

Where to begin?

Where to end? Can anyone write my essay? Is there anyone with the right balance of expertise and dedication?

How to kick-start all the frantic thoughts about the topic?

These are the questions that commonly revolve in the minds of students when they have to write a reflective essay. It is a common notion that whatever seems so easy in academic chores is extremely hard to write. Same is the case with a reflective essay. However, with the right guidance, these essays are not so difficult to put together. In fact, a critical examination of any experience with the correct amount of insightful wisdom can result in a successful reflective essay.

The formats of reflective essays are varying, depending on the type of audience and the readership. They can be a part of a magazine or they may be academic. The academic reflective essays are mostly for class assignments and the basic purpose of these essays is that students should be inspired to think according to a deep perspective. It should be noted that a reflective essay is highly personal and there is a lot more than just to recount a story. Students should articulate and write about how a particular experience has impacted their behavior and how their life has changed to some extent due to that experience.

After choosing the topic of a reflective essay, it is imperative that students should study around the topic thoroughly and spend longer hours brainstorming about it. If it is a personal experience that students should write down and jot down points about the experience and the description should be vivid and wholesome. Adjectives are a fundamental element of reflective essays as they can appropriately record the perceptions and responses.

This blog will shed light on some tips which will help students to start their reflective essay.

  • When a student starts on an intellectual journey of writing essays, the blank page or the blank word document in front of them is not very compelling. Therefore, it can be established that getting started is the most difficult part. It can be advised at this point that notebooks must be closed and the laptop must be shut down. After this, students should instantly start to speak with themselves. Self conversation can include questions like what were the drivers behind that experience and how did it feel etc. This approach will be extremely beneficial for students.
  • Students must push their inquiry of different questions a bit more by asking about their determination behind the specific connection and the manner in which they did things. Consequently, students will be able to answer the next set of questions. This chain can continue until the students will get to a point where they will gather a lot of detail.
  • Even after gathering necessary information students still need a proper introduction, body, and conclusion. These elements should also fit together in a cohesive and logical manner. From this point onwards students must have a rough draught of work in which case they are ready for the next step which is the final work.
  • The introduction paragraph must explain the topic in 5 to 10 sentences depending upon the length of the essay. Students and writers are encouraged to express their own opinion in the opening section.

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