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It is not uncommon for students to write grammatical essays. And it is not uncommon for students to write essays. Of the various types of essays, one is classification essays. It tests student’s ability to comprehend and generalize and how they categorize things. As indicated by the title, the classification essay demands students to make groups and classify.

Run-ons are quite a common mistakes that students make. They can be specifically common in classification essays. It happens in classification essays because an essay writer is not only required to make categories but compare and contrast. While not having a clear idea about the classification students tend to write fused sentences. For instance, She is a good teacher she is creative and responsible. You classified a teacher as good but you fused two independent sentences when mentioning the characteristics that make her a good teacher.

Run-ons are also called fused sentences. This usually is the case when you have skipped a proper punctuation mark where it was required. It might not always be the case that you have fused two proper sentences, even when you have fused two independent clauses or a dependent and independent clause, it is still a run-on.

To reduce run-ons in your classification essay and generally in your writing you do not have to make great efforts. It is quite simple if you practice and pay attention to it. You might ask someone for help who is better at writing. It is as simple as saying, “will you write essay for me”? Do not be shy and just seek ‘write my paper’ help whenever you need it. Then you can compare their writing with yours to compare what grammatical mistakes you commonly make.

Another simple trick to avoid run-ons in your classification essay is to write simpler and shorter sentences. The simpler and shorter the sentences the lesser the chance of making run-on mistakes. Since you have to compare and contrast in a classification essay to point out the similarities and differences in various categories, it becomes only natural that you end up writing long sentences. But you can still try to simplify your sentences.

Read up on the use of punctuation marks so that you know their usage. The more punctuation marks you know about the less it is likely that you will write fused sentences. When you know about them, you tend to use them. Make sure to read about them from an authentic source and practice them in your classification essay. You cannot learn about grammar by rote learning so it is important to practice if you want to reduce run-on sentences.

You can download a grammar checker or upload your document online for a grammar check. This would help you know your repeated mistakes. You would also learn where you have missed adding a comma or any other punctuation mark. Using words to connect or using full stops and commas can greatly help reduce run-ons.

Aside from using a period and comma to rectify run-on sentences, you can learn the usage of colons and semi-colons. If this causes you more confusion then you can simply break your longer sentences into two separate and independent sentences.

To summarize, the following ways from a paper writing service have been mentioned to reduce run-on sentences in a classification essay. Write shorter and simpler sentences. Learn and practice proper usage of punctuation marks. Check your writing through an online or downloaded grammar checker. Specifically learn the usage of the period, comma, and colon. Last, break your sentences into shorter and independent sentences if you know that you have written fused sentences.

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