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The purpose of this article is to help students in streamlining different sections of their academic papers by a potential improvement in the sentence structure and grammar. Anyone who is reading this post is in the courage to hold onto every word and make notes.

The sentence structure and grammar play a very important part in engaging the readers. If there are visible mistakes of sentence structure and grammar then there is a 100% chance that the readers will lose interest and the writer might appear as an ineffective student or creator who has significantly failed to persuade the readers. Even if it is a paper or a custom essay, it consists of some innovative ideas. Readers will not be able to identify the potential in the writer because of the mistakes.

Here are some tips which students can consider to avoid mistakes of grammar and sentence structure in their next paper. Or you can always ask others to write my essay online.

  • Read to reinforce correct grammar.

    Grammar mainly concerns the choice of tense in academic writing. This is representative of a lot of things but many students and academic writers skip this fact. Improper usage of grammar leads to many mistakes and does not leave a lasting impression on the readers.

    Here's what proper grammar can do for the readers.

It shows the attitude of the writer towards the ideas and theories behind the academic papers. It also portrays a certain degree of generality and represents the chronology of a paper or an essay. Proper grammar can alert the readers about a specific event or action which has taken place in history or is currently being conducted by someone.

  • Practice and listen to others

    On the web, there are a lot of excellent sources that can improve the grammar skills. If you search the internet a multitude of websites will be offered that are inclusive of grammar exercises in games. you can allocate a few minutes or even and are each day to complete some of the grammar exercises which can help to improve the grammar skills. Listen to the feedback of writing tutors or instructors. This will help you identify if you have a consistent or thematic issue with any topics. There are students who have a problem with run-on sentences or even with subject-verb agreement. constructive feedback students are able to pay special attention to those details.

  • Bring variation to the length of your sentences

    If the sentences are too long in an essay, Great value becomes lost in the reading process and readers get confused among multiple clauses. Similarly, sentences are too short, the readers get bored and lose interest. Therefore, to improve the sentence structure there should be a combination of short medium and long sentences so that the reader's attention can be focused.

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  • Befriend linking words

    Sentence structure can also improve if each point is logically connected to the next. Students want to take their readers towards a clear journey they need to understand the work. To serve this purpose the magic ingredient is linking or transition words. For every switch between different areas of topics, the readers need to have a verbal cue. Without transition words, the paper would simply appear as a mass of undifferentiated ideas and topics which is not wanted. Here are some examples of transition words, which can considerably improve the sentence structure:

    1. Furthermore
    2. Moreover
    3. Similarly
    4. Likewise
    5. Additionally
    6. Yet
    7. But
    8. Nonetheless
    9. However
    10. Nevertheless
    11. But on the other hand
    12. Conversely
    13. To illustrate,
    14. To exemplify,
    15. Consequently,
    16. As a result,
    17. Therefore,
    18. To conclude,
    19. In conclusion,
    20. To sum up,
    21. To summarize,

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