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Essay writing online is itself a tough task as there are many components to compose and many instructions to follow. Your thesis must contain good content and grammar, but it should be built in a suitable format as well. Many students format their thesis at the end, which is correct to do but they make mistakes while doing so. Here are some tips for you which will help you process your request about write my paper for me.

Prepare beforehand

You should start working on the formatting part as soon as you compile the first draft. As you proofread it, start formatting as well. Keeping this task of formatting as the last task when there is almost no time left can be quite risky. Either you will end up submitting without proper formatting or not submitting at all. Take a look at the manuals provided by the instructor and keep the key points in mind.

Title page

The title reflects how well-prepared you are. Let’s discuss some of the important points which should be kept in mind when formatting the title page. Make sure that the title of your thesis is in all upper case. Secondly, ensure that your font size matches the font size of the document. Some students think that the title page in larger font size looks better, but that’s not true. Also do not place a comma between year and term. The page number for the title page should not be stated. All the text on the title page must start with a 1” margin. Sometimes, there is extra space before a line in the headings which should be removed.

Copyright page

There is no need of mentioning the page number on the copyright page and also do not include it in page count. Make sure that the text on this page is double spaced. Many students insert the symbol of copyright which is a common mistake. Keep the text vertically centered, but you do not need the vertical alignment tool to do so.

Preliminary Pages

For all the preliminary pages, keep the margins at 1”. The titles on these pages must be in uppercase format but not bold. Keep their font the same as that of the font of the content. Do not forget to keep the spacing consistent after the titles. The page number mentioned on these pages must be lowercase roman numerals. The text on this page will be added in the paragraph format while its first line indented.


The order of the thesis is the key to the format. Remember to follow the order thesis format when formatting as it is the same for almost all the institutes. It consists of three parts which include the preliminary pages, content, and supplementary items.

  1. Title page
  2. Copyright page
  3. Abstract
  4. Acknowledgment
  5. Preface
  6. Autobiography
  7. Dedication
  8. Table of Content
  9. List of Tables
  10. List of Figures
  11. List of symbols
  12. List of Keywords

These are preliminary requirements and next to them, you have to include your content. Make sure the heading format is the same as the heading format used in the table of content. After the content, you should include references or annotated bibliography as required. If it is difficult for you to cite your sources, you could always get help from a professional and cheapest essay writing service.

Paragraph Spacing

Make sure that all of your text of the thesis is double spaced. Another common mistake among students is that they forget to set the spacing before and after paragraph to zero points.

Consistency of the formatting of heading, content, and other pages is crucial. Apart from these tips, it is necessary that you follow the guidelines instead of using someone else’s thesis as a guide. If you format your content carefully when composing the first draft, it will become very easy for you to remove errors.

This guide will help you format your thesis effectively. If you are still unsure about doing this task, buy essay online and amaze the teacher.

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