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If you are a graduate of high school then you must have heard about a personal statement. You may have also known what is the purpose of writing one and how much you can achieve from it. Yes, it is true, this statement defines your achievements and personality. An educational institution or a company only decides about your future after reading your statement. You may know some principles and techniques about this statement. But to apply those principles in practical form is a full-fledged job that you might find difficult to do. You can also get an essay help online.

A good statement must follow a proper structure and format otherwise its purpose would not be fulfilled. That is why it is important to follow all rules while writing such a statement. One thing is important to remember that personal statement format means to put all the information in a proper sequence. If not done properly then the reader might get confused between the ideas and its purpose would not be fulfilled. I am writing down a formal structure that you can follow to write a professional personal statement. Or you can also ask others to write essay for me.

Structure of a perfect personal statement

Before looking into the structure, remember that the purpose of such a statement is representing yourself to an institution for a job or admission. This institution could be a college, university, or multi-national company so make sure that your ideas are in a sequence.

Step 1: State the purpose of studying the course

Explain to the admission committee why you want to take admission to a specific course. If it is an academic degree like physics or geography then write it down why you are interested in one particular subject. You can also mention your future goals and what you intend to introduce in the respective subject only if you are applying for masters. If you are applying for a vocational course like nursing then mention why you want to choose it as a profession.

Step 2: Why are you suitable for a respective course?

The purpose of this statement is to convince the reader why you are suitable for admission; make sure that you answer it well. You have to tell your credibility and to convince the reader about your position. You can mention you have written several research papers on renewable energy and have proposed effective measures to produce it. You can mention you need more knowledge in the respective field so that you can continue your research work. In terms of vocational course, you can tell that helping people intrigued to become a professional nurse.

Step 3: Tell your achievements

The proper ratio or division of your statement should be 75% of your academic achievements and reason for applying while 25% about extra-curricular activities. Apart from your academic achievements in this part, tell me about your participation in extracurricular activities. It could be related to sports, debate competition, or community service. Remember that an academic institution would not select you just being a book geek rather they would observe every aspect of your personality.

Roughly your statement is composed of 1000 words; cover this part in only eleven to twelve lines. By doing so it would make you an interesting and well-rounded person and how much you are capable to deal with challenges. Make sure to include how your extra-curricular activities helped you to achieve your academic goals.

For example, if you worked as a waitress then mention how it helped you to improve your communication skills. How you manage to work under pressure and your ability to prioritize the work. These were some simple steps for writing a personal statement. Remember that there is always the option of hiring a professional write my paper service who would craft a perfect statement for you. Just reach to an academic essay writing service and get a perfectly written statement.

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