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Essay writing is a major activity at any level of education because it includes improving various other skills for them. The students have to write an essay and then edit it before submission to the instructor. In the following lines, we will take a look at the tips which can be followed by students to edit their essay in the shortest possible time.

Spell Check

Spelling mistakes are easily caught by the experts who go through the content. The word processing applications allow the person to check the spellings by pressing a single button. Some spellings are corrected automatically by the word processor while the person is typing. To keep the spellings most accurate, the students are advised to change the language to the one that suits their locality.

Grammar Check

When you have completed the write-up, there is much software that can help you in checking the grammar part of your write-up. This will allow you to rectify some basic mistakes like prepositions, wordy expressions, and verb matches. This will make your document look better as compared to the unedited version in terms of grammar. When you ask someone to help me write my essay for me free, they may hand over some grammatically incorrect content.


This is another very important part of the editing process because it is specified by the instructor to follow a specific formatting style. One way of avoiding the problem is to find a sample document online and put all the information in it. This will allow you to keep the appropriate font size for the headings and all other content. Different headings require different font sizes to be followed. Thus, these documents will have the appropriate heading for the given formatting style. If you are still confused, get help from an essay writing service now.


This refers to giving the due credit of work to others when used in a document. There are both in-text and detailed references at the end of the document. There is some software which can be used to place the references in the right place and in the right way. The word processing software also allows the users to include the in-text and complete referencing by putting the information required. If you have used the built-in referencing option, you can be sure that there will be minimum mistakes in the document.

The flow of the essay

This aspect will take a little time because you will have to read through the whole essay to check it. The points should flow logically from one paragraph to the other so that the reader does not get strayed while reading. The essay writer should check if there is any point missing in the essay or any point has been presented more than once. Another important aspect of the flow is that all the paragraphs should be connected with the help of transition words. Words like additionally, moreover, etc. can be used to develop the flow from one paragraph to the other. The writer should also check whether a paragraph contains only one point and it has been completely explained. There may be some paragraphs that are found to be incomplete during this check.

Closing comments

The last section of the essay should present closing comments from the writer. If this section is good enough, it will provide a complete summary of the essay so that the reader gets refreshed by going through it. Writing this section well requires the writer to outline all the important points before writing it. The editor may have to add or delete some points from this section to make it look better. It may even be enough to edit this section thoroughly so that the readers go through a summary of the content. Remember, you can always hire a write my paper service to complete this task for you.

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