Tips and Techniques to Distinguish between primary and secondary sources in a Research paper

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When dealing with research-based projects or work on research-based writing, it is mandatory to use sources from where you took or gathered data and information for your writing. Moreover, it is necessary to provide evidence to the facts and figures that you have used in your writing and this is done using sources. The number of sources used depends on the level of academic writing. Three basic levels of writing exist. These are undergraduate level, post-graduate level, and professional level. These sources are divided into two basic categories. The first category is primary sources and the second one is secondary sources. Understanding both of these source categories and using them in research-based work is of great importance nowadays or you can ask others to write my essay.

Primary Sources

Primary sources are original, non-reviewed, actual sources that directly provide information or evidence about the topic, phenomena, or incident that is being researched. In our research, we need access to past or current data that provide evidence or in other words support our statements. To access past data or evidence, the use of primary sources is required.

Secondary Sources

A secondary source is the one that analyzes or takes information or data from a primary source. That is, as the name implies, the secondary source itself reviews or summarizes the information provided in primary sources. A secondary source is also sometimes used to support our own ideas instead of using them directly into our context. In simple words, secondary sources are sources created using primary sources.

Tips and Techniques to Distinguish between primary and secondary sources in a research paper

A research paper researches and analyzes the topic by identifying, mentioning, and highlighting research-based work. This work involves facts, figures, and shreds of evidence and proofs studied and researched by authors and researchers in history or in the present time. Differentiating and understanding the use of primary and secondary sources is of significant interest for an essay writer. Citing historical data adds value to their words and provides the strength of their ideas to stand strong. Well, identifying whether a source is primary or secondary, needs and acquires great attention from the writer. For this identification, the writer needs to ask several questions from him/herself. Such as:

  1. Was the source included in my research work created by someone who is directly involved in the proceedings or events under discussion? Or is it by someone who is not into this work directly? Or perhaps is by another author or researcher? In this case, if the source is created by the person who is directly involved in the event, then it is a primary source. On the other hand, if the source is created by someone else and the original author used it in his/her research paper then it is a secondary source - that is not directly linked or associated with the original material provided or discussed in the research work.
  2. The second trick or technique is to analyze whether the source used in the writing is providing original data or information, or has it reviewed or summarized the material, data, or information of some other source. In this technique, if the information used in the source is original or exact, then it is a primary source. Otherwise, if the data or information is a summary or review of some other source, then it means that the source under consideration is a secondary source.
  3. The third very basic identification technique is analyzing what you are doing to research your work. Are you directly using a source to provide details to your work? Or whether you are just using a source to provide a background to your actual researched work or writing. Here the former one specifies that the source is primary. However, the latter means that the source used is a secondary source.

These tips and tricks help the writer in distinguishing whether a source is primary or secondary. Moreover, several ways are available today for guiding writers and clearing all their queries associated with research-based writing or sourcing and use of citations. Students or new writers can take or gain similar help and guidance from the essay writing service.

Not only this but, several websites provide primary sources only, and thus they can be used to know about primary sources specifically - or if a writer is searching for primary sources for his/her write-up. Just provide them your specifications and ask them to write my paper in no time.

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