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You may have noticed that every assignment requires a different method to complete. The same method cannot be applied for all assignments. If you are doing an essay assignment you may have realized that there are different types within the essay category. Each type requires a unique method to follow however one thing is common that every essay starts with the introduction paragraph followed by body and conclusion.

An essay writer can call the introduction paragraph most important because it tells the reader what the essay is about. Make sure to write a precise introduction covering all aspects of your topic and end it on a specific point commonly known as a thesis statement. An introduction is the same in every essay but its nature or context may change depending upon its type.

The introduction of an argumentative essay would be a lot different than an expository essay in terms of context and structure. In simple words, expository style writing means to investigate an idea based on evidence in a concise manner. As its name implies, it also exposes certain facts in the form of statistics, charts, and graphs and informs readers. The information can be accomplished or exposed through definition and by compare and contrast analysis. Make sure not to include any personal opinion in this essay it should be mostly descriptive. Your introduction should have a sound thesis statement so that the reader specifically knows the direction of the essay. In case you need help, consult an essay writing service now.

Tips to write a good introduction

· Concise and clear words: Clarity and conciseness are the two most important attributes of your introduction. Writing such an introduction may become difficult for you but trust me it is not impossible. You just need little practice so that you can avoid complex ideas that might confuse the reader.

· Use third-person pronoun: In any academic essay, the use of a first and second person is discouraged unless you are narrating your personal experience. In the case of this essay try to stick with the third-person pronoun like he, she, or it. It would give proper meaning to your introduction.

· Transition words: Your ideas within the introduction should be organized for that purpose you can use transition words to convey ideas smoothly i.e. such as, however, for example, and so on.

· Remain objective: You do not need to add ideas by yourself instead remain objective as you are not writing a persuasive essay. But you can explore many angles or perspectives of the same topic and try not to become biased and remain neutral.

· Compelling story: If your essay topic is generic then you can add a compelling story too in your essay. Make sure it is relevant to your topic and thesis statement.

· First draft: If you are not confident with your introduction just write the first draft and ask your professor or an essay writer to have a look I am sure both would suggest some suitable solutions.

· Thesis statement: Make sure your introduction has a solid thesis statement. If you are confused about it you can ask for help from an academic write my paper service for your introduction. Such services have professional academic essay writers, who could craft you the perfect thesis statement you need to help structure the remaining portion of your paper.

These were some simple tips, I am sure you can write a very good introduction to an essay by following these. Once you are able to write a good introduction then you can also write a full-fledged essay. Remember that if you are busy you would always have the option to hire an essay writer working online. Just ask them to write my essay for me and get it done now.

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