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A reflective essay is a kind of essay which includes the description of the real or imaginary scene or an event. The attitude, idea, or impression of a writer about an issue or topic is reflected in the paper. To write a high-notch reflective essay you must be aware of how to add topic sentences within it. It’s generally written at the starting of the paragraph and provides the audience with expectations about the paragraph. It is like a headline of a newspaper or a review of a movie.

Many professional writers provide paper writing service to the students where students can get customized essays. To write a good reflective essay you should be aware of how to add a topic sentence. Some of the tips from a ‘write my paper’ website for developing a topic sentence are as follows:

Main Idea

The topic sentence needs to be clear and concise as it is the first sentence of a paragraph. It states the main idea of a paragraph so it should not be too wordy. The main elements of the topic sentence are your topic and the main idea. It should not simply announce the topic. Attentions must be reflected in the topic sentence without writing straightforwardly.

Specifications and General Ideas

The purpose of the topic statement is to connect the thesis statement with the different paragraphs of the essay. Ensure that it should create a correspondence between the specific and general ideas. Try to avoid vague or general ideas in the topic sentence as they cannot be explained in a single sentence. Do not write a too narrow topic sentence. Try to maintain the balance between general and specific ideas to write an effective topic sentence. It will relate your essay to both general and narrow ideas.

Attract the Reader

The most crucial role of the topic sentence is to attract the attention of the reader. Try to raise questions in the reader’s mind that would be answered in the essay. Dropping them straight into action is the best way to do it. Provide physical and emotional depictions of a character. The topic sentence can be used to illustrate emotions to the reader. Sensory language can be used in the topic sentence to develop an interest in the readers. Do not use questions in the topic sentence; this should be done by the reader.

Short and Concise

The topic sentence of the reflective essay aims at reflecting your attention. Keep it short and sweet to perfectly reflect your attention. It should be more specific than the thesis statement as it is the basis of a paragraph. The flow of the paragraph will be maintained by a short topic sentence.

Reasonable Opinion

The topic sentence should be proved by the paragraph. State such a thing in the topic sentence which can be supported by the evidence. An opinion or idea can be used in the topic sentence. But use such opinions which you can support with evidence. Do not use only facts in the topic sentence. Facts do not explain a paragraph. If you want to write the fact includes your own input as well. Facts can be saved to support your opinions in the paragraph.

As a Transition

The topic sentence acts as a transition that helps the readers from getting lost from the main argument. Topic sentence acts as a bridge between the ideas of the different paragraphs. Transition words like "in addition" or "in contrast" can be used to show the relationship between different paragraphs. A good essay writer is one who knows the effective use of transition words while writing the topic sentence of a reflective essay.

Follow the above tips for writing a strong reflective essay or hire experts to cater to your ‘write essay for me’ requests.

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