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A literature review is an important part of a thesis, dissertation, or research paper. It allows you to see where your research can be placed within the body of knowledge. An essay writer can make a theoretical framework and methodology with the help of a literature review. In the following lines, we will take a look at some helpful tips to make a literature review or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

Research the relevant resources

There are many resources available on the internet but you have to find those resources which are relevant to your chosen topic. A thesis or dissertation will have a research question around which you can develop the literature review. The whole thesis writing exercise will revolve around these questions. The research question of a dissertation will be answered once you gather all the relevant data and analyze it. A literature review shows the knowledge gap within the existing research that will be filled by the thesis or dissertation.

Identifying the keywords

The research question may or may not include some keywords. The writer will have to list down all the keywords associated with the research question. There may be many variables of interest for the researcher and all of them should be included in the list of keywords. You may find some more keywords during the literature search. These keywords will help you in starting the search for resources. There are many ways to find sources with more than one keyword. An expression with OR can be used to find any term among the various synonyms of the keyword. The expression of NOT can be used to exempt the terms from the search. One useful source will help you find many other sources from its bibliography. There will be some sources that have been cited by many authors, you must note them down and use them more often as compared to other sources. If you still need help, get it from a write my paper service now.

Evaluation and selection of resources

There will be millions of documents available on the internet. You can ask yourself about the problems or questions addressed in any given source. The key concepts and their definition should also be judged. The methodology and theoretical framework will also be assessed. You can then match these aspects of various resources to your study. A majority of those sources should be used which match your research questions and other concepts. A criterion to select an article or other source is the number of times it has been cited by the other authors. You have to look for sources that have been cited by the maximum number of other authors. If you are writing about a particular subject, it is advisable to include the most recent research only.

Take notes and prepare the reference list

You should take notes from the various sources found and prepare the reference list accordingly. All the sources should be analyzed one-by-one. The notes should become a part of the literature review that you are preparing. The main points, methodology, and conclusion of each source should be mentioned in the literature review. These entries can be put from general to specific or in a simple chronological order.

Identifying the gap

The reading and taking notes from various resources will let the writer know about the gap in the body of research. The writer will have to develop a connection between all the resources identified. There may be some points that are not agreed upon by all the authors or resources. These points may present a good knowledge gap to be explored. There may be some questions that are repeated across the sources and the writer can try and answer these questions from a fresh perspective. Identification of this gap will take you further in your thesis or dissertation.

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