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It is said that essays must be written in an organized, logical, coherent, and also cohesive manner. It supports readability and understanding for every age group and won’t bore the readers. Coherence in essay writing means unity among the different ideas that you will present in your essay. It is the most critical part of the essay to connect the former section with the latter one. If you ignore these characteristics, you will definitely bore your audience. It will also let you achieve lesser grades than expected.

Another correlated concept with this is cohesion. Have you ever encountered a person having a stuttering disorder? An essay writer might have observed that they speak in irregular patterns, which is very hard for an ordinary person to understand. However, after a little break, you will be able to relate their points in a logical manner. This is the case with being cohesive throughout your essay writing. If you will not be able to stay consistent among different sentences of each paragraph, then you will surely be getting a zero or at-least some sort of an objection.

The absence of both will make it hard for the reader to understand your statements. Also, the reader will not be able to absorb your ideas eventually leaving your paper in the middle. You can also take help from online professionals whom you can find at a good essay writing service website. They will guide you about the prerequisites and tricks, and produce model papers for you that will help make your essay a coherent yet cohesive one.

There are many types of essays that you will be assigned throughout your academic years. Every essay is meant to explain an idea in various methods. Let’s suppose you have been assigned to write a nursery essay where you will be providing instant care methods for the newborn babies. So it will be a better move to first brainstorm your ideas and then pen them down once you are satisfied with the arrangements of your context.

You can use transition phrases to make coherence and cohesiveness strongly visible in your overall sections. Fortunately, in this crazy mixed world of ours, transitions help to stick the main idea with the overall ideas of the essay altogether. There are lots of phrases that you can apply, some are as follows or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

  • 1. To explain something;

    For example, for instance, such as, that is, in other words, namely, specifically, particularly

  • 2. To add something;

    Moreover, furthermore, in addition, additionally, and, again, also, as well as, furthermore, besides

  • 3. To give a reason/showcase results;

    So, consequently, resultantly, thus, therefore, hence, accordingly, finally, on the whole, to conclude, to sum up, to encapsulate

  • 4. To show a slight difference in attitude;

    Certainly, obviously, of course, fortunately, predictably, naturally, undoubtedly, strangely enough

  • 5. For contrast or comparison;

    However, nevertheless, on the contrary, conversely, in contrast, on the one hand...on the other hand, in comparison, still, despite, yet, notwithstanding

  • 6. To show time;

    At first, next, then, later, former, in the end, afterward, currently, during, earlier, meanwhile, immediately, now, recently, simultaneously, subsequently

  • 7. To summarize;

    Finally, in short, to sum up, in a word, briefly, in sum, to finalize, thus, to conclude, to wrap up

  • 8. Showing order;

    Firstl(y), second(ly), third(ly), … final(ly), last(ly)

  • 9. To state back references;

    This, that, these, such, those,

  • 10. To show the place of a thing or person;

    Above, below, underneath, over, adjacent, parallel, in front, nearby, thereby, here, there

    Hopefully, this guide would be helpful in developing an understanding of how to write your essays in a unified form. This list of transition words would be applicable to every type of essay. Remember not to overuse transitions as it will make your essay a little robotic in how it reads. Even the experts from a write my paper service use a limited amount of transitions because they have the skill to smartly convey their ideas without using them.

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