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Narrative Essays can be one of the easiest types of essays written by any college student. And it is because of this perception that most students like you get narrative essays wrong.

Most of you think that writing your own experiences will be too easy. And that's why you leave a narrative essay at the last minute. And when that last-minute arrives, you realize that things are not as easy as you thought.

Well, I’m here to help.

I will give an essay writer some tips that will make his essay the perfect one.

Tip 1: Do not use the second person

Narrative essays are supposed to tell your life experiences. So, they are supposed to be from your point of view i.e. the first-person point of view.

You can totally use words like “I”, “We”, “Me” etc. in this type of essay because that’s just how it is written.

So, make sure that you use the first person only.

Tip 2: Try not to use references

It’s not that you can’t use references in a narrative essay. No, you can. In some cases, your professor may even ask you to use some.

It’s just that you need to try to limit their usage as much as possible.

A narrative essay is supposed to be about you so inserting thoughts of other people does not really fit in here.

Tip 3: Be descriptive but not too descriptive

Ok so that does sound contradictory but I can explain what I mean. You need to use descriptions to draw the reader into your essay.

But, at the same time, don’t describe everything. Don’t go around giving descriptions of every single action you take.

Only the important moments should be described vividly while the others should be left as it is.

This will give your essay depth when it is needed.

Tip 4: Make sure that your essay has clarity

This point is very important, especially in narrative essays. Often enough students get so busy in descriptions and dialogues that they forget about clarity.

Writing a descriptive essay is important but so is making sure that the essay is understandable.

So, make sure you read and reread your essay and check if it has clarity.

Tip 5: Create a story

Narrative essays are not like a normal essay. They don’t require you to write a topic sentence or a thesis statement. But they do require storytelling.

And I don’t mean recounting just any event in your life. No!

In a narrative essay, you must have a proper story with a beginning, a middle, a climax, and an end.

The entire essay should lead towards the climax and then we should be able to see the results.

It’s like a mini-story.

Tip 6: Use Imagery

This is a super important tip when it comes to narrative essays. You need to use your imagination.

Use descriptive language. Use the five senses. Describe what you felt, saw, heard.

Invoke the emotions of your audience by making meaningful connections.

Your readers should be able to feel what you felt and see what you saw.

As I mentioned, it is like a story so many of the rules of story-telling apply here.

Tip 7: Hire an essay writer

Personally, I think this is the best tip. Why?

Because it makes things so much easier for you. If you were to hire an essay writing service online, then you won’t ever have to worry about all the tips I gave you.

You will just have to focus on finding a legit writing service and placing an order. The rest will be handled by the professionals.

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