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For persuasive essays, an essay writer should choose a topic that interests him naturally. Here are some options for you.

  1. No stereotypes exist for high school athletes.
  2. Energy drinks are harmful to health.
  3. Being a great sportsman does not mean being a professional coach
  4. Female trainers should mentor only women.
  5. Bodybuilding is risky for women.
  6. Males get injured more as compared to their female counterparts.
  7. Press conferences should not be mandatory for athletes.
  8. Sports competitions cause more stress than benefits.
  9. Hunting wild animals are immoral in all situations.
  10. All house pets must be microchipped.
  11. Zoos must be shut down for good.
  12. Schools should not consider race as a factor for admission.
  13. There must be no tax on the compensations awarded through a lawsuit.
  14. Exotic animals must not be kept as home pets.
  15. Animals must not be euthanized if they bite humans without reason.
  16. It is unethical to breed animals for getting hybrids.
  17. Pets must not only stay indoors.
  18. No mobile phone must be allowed in colleges.
  19. The government should ban lottery schemes.
  20. Pets must not be allowed in public places.
  21. City life is better than village life.
  22. Deforestation must be taken seriously at an international level.
  23. Wars only lead to destruction.
  24. Sometimes war is the only solution.
  25. Do elementary school students obtain a fair amount of homework?
  26. No junk meal must be allowed at the schools.
  27. Every student must have basic knowledge of Computer science.
  28. Human needs should not threaten the freedom of wild animals.
  29. Mobile phones are not safe for human health.
  30. Vaccines do not cause diseases.
  31. All actions which lead global warming must be banned.
  32. Alternative energy is better to alternate to the use of fossil fuels.
  33. Cloning of people must be banned.
  34. Humans must prevent rare species from becoming extinct.
  35. Law enforcement agencies should be allowed to apply DNA profiling during the investigation.
  36. Distant learning can replace the traditional organization of classes.
  37. Online education should be made available to all schools.
  38. The high school system needs to be reformed.
  39. If you still can not find an interesting topic among these, then here are some more persuasive essay topics for you. Pick one of them or even modify it in order to begin your essay with. Or you can also get help from an essay writing service.

  1. The juvenile criminal justice system must be reformed.
  2. Local terrorism must be prioritized over international crimes.
  3. Blue-collar crimes must be stopped through rehabilitation and reforming society.
  4. White-collar crimes must be dealt with strictly.
  5. Certain feminists movements have devalued the strength of motherhood.
  6. Food companies should display calorie counts on products.
  7. The taxation system must be reformed.
  8. Patients suffering from chronic diseases must not be admitted to mental hospitals.
  9. The sale of weapons must be banned.
  10. Marketing should be banned from schools.
  11. Kids should not be targeted in marketing campaigns.
  12. CEOs’ wages must be controlled.
  13. There must be term limitations for members of Congress.
  14. Modern society has become immoral.
  15. The government should have a say in diets.
  16. The modern community is a throw-away.
  17. Smoking must be banned once and forever.
  18. Parents are responsible for the development of a child’s behavior.
  19. Public and private schools should focus on creativity.
  20. Security cameras should not be considered an invasion of privacy.
  21. Vaccinations must be made obligatory at schools.
  22. Weaker laws are responsible for the increase in Human trafficking
  23. College education must be made free for all students.
  24. The government must plan even better for pandemics.
  25. Even better economic plans must be set in place in case of natural disasters.
  26. The welfare system of the United States requires modification.
  27. Young adolescents should not be given Corporal punishments.
  28. Laws promoting gender discrimination must be abolished.
  29. Racial discrimination is the biggest concern in the United States.
  30. It is impossible to reverse the effects of global warming.
  31. The use of write my essay for me services must be promoted among citizens.
  32. The government should take steps to save the planet.
  33. How can the government fight littering?
  34. Immigrants must be given equal rights as citizens.
  35. The current immigration issues cannot be solved without leniency in the laws.
  36. Free rehabilitation services must be provided to aged citizens.
  37. Advantages & disadvantages of biological weapons
  38. interrogation approaches must be humane even for the most serious crimes.

If you are free to choose a topic as per the instructions of your teacher, then choose a topic that has enough evidence and content available for research. The next step is to begin writing an essay. For that, consult a write my paper service now.

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