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Throughout academic disciplines students have to face different challenges; whether it is writing a simple assignment, a term paper, essays, or lab reports. Nothing can be achieved without hard and smart work. The most important assignment in college is writing a dissertation and thesis. You may think that they are the same but trust me it is not the case.

A thesis is mainly a part of a master's degree while a dissertation is done at the doctoral level. Your thesis would be mainly a compilation of your research that proves that you have done this research. It will also prove that an essay writer is knowledgeable and have information about a particular topic.

The dissertation is slightly different from the thesis because it also includes your contribution to previously done research by other scholars. It is totally up to you and how much you contribute to a specific topic or give a new theory altogether. The important point is you have to develop an entirely new concept in a dissertation and mention its worth.

How to write a thesis

  1. Your primary sources are important while writing a thesis and make sure that you find the contradiction in the authors' views. It would help you to come up with effective arguments and how it differs from the author.
  2. Start from writing down some basic ideas about your thesis; the next step is crucial as you have to think logically, concisely, and clearly. Do not write the final draft yet as you may have to make several changes in your initial draft.
  3. In the Introduction paragraph, you would summarize all concepts and ideas highlighted in your thesis. The easy way is to mention them chapter wise as the reader would get a good idea of your thesis.
  4. A thesis statement is an important part of your thesis which you would write in the last part of the introduction. Your thesis is not complete without this statement so make sure that it is well written covering every aspect of your thesis.
  5. Do not forget to include counter-arguments in your thesis as it would add extra weightage. You would be able to refine your arguments better if you have counter-arguments.

How to write a dissertation

  1. A title page would contain your name, submission date, degree program, institution, and department. It may also include your serial number in university, supervisor name, and university logo
  2. Acknowledgment, usually it is optional but if you have researched extensively then you can include names of people who helped you in collecting your data.
  3. The standard length of an abstract in 150-300 words and it is a summary of your dissertation in the form of questions. You can also include the aim of your research, the methods you used, what were your results with the conclusion.
  4. In the table of contents, write all your chapters with the page number on one page; so that a reader can easily find a chapter. If you have used appendices you can mark them as well.
  5. List of figures, tables, and abbreviations will appear next and remember do not leave anything out; as most readers would see only a few pages of your dissertation. If they find it interesting then they would read it whole so do not lose this opportunity to get the reader's attention.
  6. In the introduction describe your research topic and state research questions and objectives; Try to give an overview of the dissertation.
  7. Theoretical framework and literature review; mention every article which you have studied for your dissertation. The theoretical framework is also important as you have to verify your concepts with the help of theories.
  8. You will also mention research methodology, results, and discussion separately. This would be a unique part because this would also include your research and ideas.
  9. In conclusion, you would reinstate your thesis statement by summarizing all ideas mentioned in the dissertation. The last part would be the citations or reference list.

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